Saturday, February 6, 2010



Two questions:

How can we make questions to vote on?

How could there be 6 votes casted on the current question when there are only 5 of us registered for the blog?


  1. Answers:
    1) You need to have administrator status to access the layouts and gadgets. I can open that to you if you want. Once you do - then you just go to 'Edit Layout' and pick a 'Poll' gadget. Fill it out your question and options, and the duration of the poll and you are done.

    2) Right now the site is set up to allow viewers who are not 'registered members' to see and vote. They cannot post anything though until they are registered, thru the invites I sent you guys. So one of the 3 stragglers must have come on here and voted, but did register yet.


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