Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Wow. He really can do everything Corey Hart does better.

The outstanding pictures of Jayson Werth continue to roll in on the internets.  There is a create-a-caption contest over on the Yahoo Sports baseball blog, 'Big League Stew' if you have anything particularly witty to say about this pic. The caption above was my entry, inspired by Keith's insightful observation that Werth is everything Hart SHOULD be, but is not.  Oh, and "I hate Jayson Werth" won't win it Spence, sorry.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Updated standings, and a call for some basic stats...

Great time last Friday guys - the beer was cold, the dice were hot, and the cheese was - well, overwhelming.  Hats off to our Commish for his generous nature and sweet hook ups. 

My personal favorite points of the evening:

1)  A despondent Nick exclaiming to the group - "No, Torto's not a nice guy.  Fuck Torto." after losing his second series

2) Mackey describing to me what a "Whitewater Peach" was. There's some imagery I could do with out.

3) The entire group roundly rejecting Spencer's ridiculous claim that he doesn't need to tell anyone what arm his pitchers throw with before they enter the game.

Please note that I've updated the standings and schedule matrix to the best of my ability, and recollection of the evening.  Let me know if there are any errors that need correcting.

I'd also like to post a few stat leaders (Top 5?)  if we can get participation.  Just for a few basic stats, where nothing more than basic counting is involved.  That means HR, RBI, SB, and perhaps K leaders.  I'm guessing that Adrian Gonzalez is the league leader in HRs with 14, if Spence is to be believed.  Throw out your leaders in a comment or an email and I'll get things updated.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friday PTP Schedule @ Lake Lawn

HERE IS THE SCHEDULE NICK EMAILED TO US. (card subject to change based on alcohol consumption and irrational decisions)

Below is the proposed schedule. This schedule hopes everyone can make it to the Resort by 6:30. Is that reasonable or shall I push that back? I did not schedule games past the 9 PM start...since those games will end 'round the midnight hour. Overly ambitious owners can pair up at that point, if they want...

10 AM -- Fish and Matt

12:30 PM -- Fish and Matt

3 PM -- The Spencer and Matt

6:30 PM -- Keith and Butler
Torto and Matt
Nick and The Spencer

9 PM -- Keith and Matt
Torto and The Spencer
Nick (drunk) and Birthday Boy (really drunk)

Finally On...Steve Lake???

For my first entry on this blog, just wanted to have some fun. I DO NOT remember this card whatsoever. Do you dudes?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

APD Update?

Hey dudes! I believe "blogger etiquite" would dictate I post this under Fish's original post, but that conversation seems to have died, so I'll beg the question again - what up with APD? I would love to spend a day rolling some dice - I particularly want to get together with Fish, Matty and Butts. Any takers for the last two weekends in Feb?

Injury Pick-ups


With 3 guys injuried for >10 games, I have eyed the available cards and selected the following players:

1. Ronnie Belliard - he still hates Milwaukee
2. Willie Harris - he likes Milwaukee because of the beer and cheese
3. LaTroy Hawkins - he signed with Milwaukee, even though he is bad


Lame Player Nicknames

A blog I check regularly recently pointed out that Baseball Reference.com has professional hitter Todd Helton's nickname listed as "The Toddfather".  Hoping this was true, I quickly checked the link and verified that they do indeed list Todd Lynn Helton as "The Toddfather".  LAME.  Yet he's on my team this NL season, and hell if I'm not going to use this the rest of the way.  I now also plan to mix in the whistling of the 'Godfather theme' periodically before rolls.  Now I consider Baseball Reference.com to be a fairly reputable site, but I get the feeling there is some Wikipedia-type 'unverified' amendments going on here.  Has anyone ever heard of Helton referred to as the 'Toddfather'?  I know I haven't. 

I also found that one of my other bad-ass sluggers, Pablo Sandoval, better known as the Kung Fu Panda - is also referred to as the 'Round Mound of Pound'.  Much better than Captain Cuddles to be sure.  Interestingly enough, they don't list Joe Mauer having any nicknames.  I've personally heard him referred to as the 'Baby Jesus' and 'Jesus Christ Superstar' whilst touring around the Twin Cities.  Keep that in mind for the upcoming AL season. 

So check your rosters boys, you may have a hidden gem of a nickname floating out there.  Gotta say though, I like some of the fabricated nicknames best of all though, i.e. "The Reverend Randy Wells", "Ianetta the Beretta", "My Pisano Joey Votto", etc.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hit and Run

Torto has the rule correctly, but this came up in a game against Nick recently, in regards to hit and run. If you have a guy that has an "A" hit and run, if there is a strikeout on the pitcher's card, it turns into a foul. However, there is a difference between "A" bunter, and an "A" bunter and hit and run - it makes more sense if you look at the example below. And yes, Castillo has a great card Nick!

Saturday, February 6, 2010



Two questions:

How can we make questions to vote on?

How could there be 6 votes casted on the current question when there are only 5 of us registered for the blog?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nick's Team - Wha Happnd?

Fish at Nick
Game 1: Carpenter at Cain
Chris Carpenter helped his cause with a two out single in the top of the second, plating Hawpe and Wright. Nick answered with a Council double in the bottom of the third, plating Ryan Howard and Chipper Jones. With great pitching, there would be no more scoring in regulation. In the top of the 10th, Guzmon loaded the bases with a Castillo single, Hanley error, intential walk to Braun, and a walk to Hawpe, driving in a run. Trevor Hoffman took care of the 10th for the save.
Fish Wins: 3-2
Win – Thatcher
Loss – Guzmon
Save- Hoffman
Home Runs: None

Game 2: Hanson at Wells
Ink manufacturers rejoiced at the site of this game – the pitchers in this game did not have their “good stuff.” Wells gave up an RBI single to Lee in the 1st, then three runs in the 3rd with a double from Brad Hawpe. Then Tommy Gun Hanson had a meltdown – he gave up 7 runs in the bottom of the 5th, a majority of the damage done by Ryan Howard with a Grand Slam Home Run. In the top of the 6th, Fukudome pulled on down the line to make the game 7 -7. A solo home run from Derrick Lee grabbed the lead at 8-7 in the top of the 7th. Insurance runs were scored in the top of the 8th – Ryan Braun and Derrick Lee both batted home runs to push the lead to 10-8. Trevor Hoffman took care of the ninth for the save
Fish Wins: 10-8
Win – Wilson
Loss – Vargus
Save- Hoffman
Home Runs: Molina, Fukudome, Howard

Game 3: Oswalt at Maine
Ryan Braun led the game off with a double and a run scored in the 1st. Nick had big inning in the 5th, Adam Dunn capped the inning with a 3 run double. That was all Nick needed to take the game.
Nick Wins: 6-3
Win – Maine
Loss – Oswalt
Save- Broxton
Home Runs: Counsell
MVP of Series: Howard – 7AB, 3 Runs, 3 Hits, 1 HR, 7 walks
No juice here - just Kosher

Fish at Torto
Game 1: Oswalt at Vasquez
I took an early with a two out double by Brad Hawpe plating Luis Castillo. Bengie the dog belted a solo home run in the top of the second. With 5 singles in the top of the third, I took a 5-0 lead, with RBI’s by Hawpe, Wright and Molina. Then the Kung Fu Panda show started (continuing theme). In the bottom of the 4th, after two walks and a base hit by Skippy Shoemacker, Sandoval hit a Grand Slam Home Run, narrowing the lead to 5-4. I added two runs in the top of the ninth with a two run single by Rafael Furcal. Trevor Hoffman cleaned up the ninth.
Fish Wins: 7-4
Win – Oswalt
Loss – Vasquez
Save- Hoffman
Home Runs: Molina, Sandoval

Game 2: Kuroda at Billingsley, Instant Classic!
Where do I start with this game? I guess in the first inning, Bourn started out with a double, and it added up from there: 2 walks, a double and single = 4 runs. Torto responded with a run in the bottom of the frame with a Skippy lead off hit and being plated by Panda on a fielder’s choice. Kuroda lead the inning off with a leadoff double and would come around to score, 5-1 at this point. Then the Panda took over – he hit a three run job in the 3rd and a two run job in the 5th. I answered with two runs in the top of the fifth on a Fukudome pinch hit double. Torto answered in the 6th with a Skippy RBI single, driving in Pagan. Then, in the bottom of the 7th, things got really interesting. To set the stage, Jeromy Affledt was pitching, and he got Todd Helton swinging; then Sandoval hit a base hit, and was advance on a base hit by Wirth. Juan Pierre leaned into a pitch to load the bases. Angel Pagan tried a suicide squeeze with the bases load – he struck out and Sandoval had to steal home. Torto needed to roll 4 and below with two dice to have something good to happen – he rolled 02, collision and the run scores. However, because it was going home, if the catcher had the special block, he was out – Molina had the Special Block, out at the plate, and Molina spiked the ball on the way to the dugout. After that play, both teams were wobbly – no runs scored in regulation. In the top of the 11th, Mota gave up two walks and a base hit to a handsome man David Wright, taking the lead 8-7. In the bottom of the frame, Sandoval hit a one out double, and was plated by Juan Pierre, again tied. Nick Johnson hit clutch a solo home run in the top of the 13th, and that was enough to hold onto this wild game.
Fish Wins: 9-8
Win: Thatcher
Loss: Mota

Home Runs: Sandoval (2), Johnson

Game 3: Marquis at Dempster
Torto inspired his team, and they responded with early runs. They scored 4 in the 4th with a Sandoval RBI triple (later nailed at home on a fielder’s choice), and a Blanco three run job. Jason Marquis was also knocked out of the game for 15 games. Torto didn’t stop there, Carlos Lee hit a Grand Slam in the bottom of the 5th, and Sandoval hit a three run job in the bottom of the 6th, boosting the score to 11-1. In the top of the 8th, Ryan Braun hit a two run jack. And with Mitch Stetter on the mound in the 9th, he gave up two solo home runs to Wright and Molina, then a 2 RBI triple to Nick Johnson, and Houston Street came on to collect the save with the bases loaded. Ryan Dempster was also injured for 15 games
Torto Wins: 11-7
Win: Dempster
Loss: Marquis
Save: Street

Home Runs: Blanco, Lee, Sandoval, Braun, Wright, Molina
MVP of Series: Sandoval: 14 AB – 6 Runs – 8 Hits – 1 Double – 1 Triple – 4 HR – 13 RBI’s

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Smokin' Aces: Series Update - Butler at Torto

As Nick mentioned earlier this week via email, some PTP went down over the weekend.  After starting Sunday morning off losing 2 out of 3 games to the ever dominant Fish (look for his update later - good drama in that one including a collision at home plate), I was hungry to get back on track and put together a winning series.  This was especially true since Nick had picked up 2 games on me in the standings after sweeping Butler.  My pitching staff got roughed up pretty good by Fish's squad, and I needed to get my pen some rest.  Luckily for me, my starting arms rose to the challenge...

Game 1: A.Harang @ C.Zambrano
Butler got a quick start getting 2 runs of El Toro on a 2-out, 2-RBI double from Felipe Lopez in the top of the 1st. He got another run on a base clearing 3-bagger from Tulowitzki, in the second. Big Z was fired up and ready to take this game into his own hands. Team Torto tied it up in the bottom of the 2nd, with an RBI triple from Werth, an RBI single from Pagan, followed by an RBI double from Zambrano himself. From there on Zambrano locked it down. From the 3rd to the 9th inning, Butler mustered only 1 hit (in the 9th), and struck out 13 times. Fist pumping and dagger-stares abounded, and Zambrano got his 2nd consecutive complete game, once again spelling the bullpen after a long series vs. Fish.
On offense, my squad was carried by the bat of Jayson Werth and the Kung Fu Panda (or Captain Cuddles as Butts called him) who went a combined 9 for 10, with 5R, 3 RBIs.
WP – Big Z
LP – A.Harang
HR – Werth (7)
Player of the Game – Big Z, CG, 3ER, 13K, 5H
Torto W 9-3.

Game 2: Zimmerman @ R.Harden
More great starting pitching for my squad in this one. Harden, inspired by Zambrano’s dominant performance, put on one of his own – going 6 and 2/3rds of 1-hit, shutout ball, and striking out a whopping 13 before tiring. Ryan Franklin provided the old fashioned 2.33 inning save, facing only 9 batters.  Butts spot starter (Zimmerman?) performed admirably for the suspended Wandy Rodriquez, but professional hitter Todd Helton provided all the offense that was needed for a Torto win, with a solo jack, and an RBI-single.
WP – R.Harden
LP – Zimmerman
HR – Helton (2)
Player of the Game – R.Harden, 6.2 IP, 13 K, 1H, 6BB,
Torto wins 3-0.

Game 3: J.Vasquez @ J.Santana
The bats continued to be cold for Butler in game 3, facing staff ace Javy Vasquez, who was not to be outdone by the likes of Zambrano and Harden, especially coming back from the beating that Fish’s squad applied to him. Javy was nearly unhittable, going the distance and only allowing 3 singles, while striking out 11. Pujols struck out an unfathomable 3 times in one game, and Butts K’d a presumed record 38 times total in the series. I never saw a guy roll more 700s and 800s. The strikeouts would just not stop. Johan finally pitched decent, until Jayson Werth figured him out, hitting a solo shot in the 4th, and and then a 2-run belt in the 5th. That proved to be all the offense needed.
WP – J.Vasquez
LP – J.Santana
HR – (Werth 8,9)
Player of the Game – J.Vasquez, CG 3H, 11K, 1W
Torto wins 5-0.

Torto takes the series 3-0.
New Records - How about 38Ks in a series?
Series MVP:  Jayson Werth:  7 for 12 with 5 R, 6 RBI, and 3 HRs.  He smoked Butler's pitching all day, and he irritates Spence.  What more could you ask for from your series MVP?

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Stadium Charts In; Mind Blown

Ummm, where do I start? This is sensory overload. I don't know whether to be proud of my buddies for this outstanding creation or extremely embarassed.

As alluded to in my heading, I received the new stadium charts today (following some agressive email "reminders" to Dynasty Baseball - assholes). I'll make copies and begin distributing them - possibly at the next APD at the end of the month. At this point though, we may just want to "officially" put them into use beginning the 2009 AL Season.

My apologies, I did not know the reserve players were in such high demand until a VM from Fish yesterday. I'm available this weekend for anyone who wants to look at the cards. If it would make more sense, I'm happy to give them to the Commish since he, admirably, is always around the action at some point.

I was cleaning out my "spam" email today when a noticed Spencer's email, alluding the the fact that Jayson Werth gets under his skin like a leetch on foreskin (or something to that affect). Hilarious. I like the "classic baseball card" - Haarang looks like he went to Palmyra-Eagle High School. I also like the minor league idea - anything that extends the drafts...

The opportunity to create surveys is awesome - I want every trade over-analyzed. Finally, can we get League Champs back to the beginning of our PTP league on the side? I think all but one or two are Fish, but let's give love where love is due. We should also note that the 2007 AL year (I think) was a strike-shortened season - I'm pretty sure I had that thing....

Good stuff fellas.

PTP Minor League System...?

Given the number of long term injuries we've seen this season, and the lack of access to the remaining player cards of late, I thought of a new idea that may solve this problem.  A sort of Minor League PTP system. 

All this would entail is beginning a secondary supplemental draft (after the 1st 25 rounds are completed) - where everyone takes, say, 5 additional players.  These cards would then be yours, and but could not be used (called up) unless you had a significant injury, or perhaps even if you had an underperforming player you wanted to send down.  Of course there could be restrictions on call-ups and send-downs.  This could all be worked out fairly easily though, over a couple beers.  Should you still need an additional player to fill out your roster due to continued injuries, you could then dip into the remaining pool of players, but perhaps for a fee (say $2 per player).

Just a thought, but let me know what you guys think.  I think it would be fun to extend the draft another couple rounds, and then we'd all have our Triple AAA backups in hand.  What say you Commish?