Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friday PTP Schedule @ Lake Lawn

HERE IS THE SCHEDULE NICK EMAILED TO US. (card subject to change based on alcohol consumption and irrational decisions)

Below is the proposed schedule. This schedule hopes everyone can make it to the Resort by 6:30. Is that reasonable or shall I push that back? I did not schedule games past the 9 PM start...since those games will end 'round the midnight hour. Overly ambitious owners can pair up at that point, if they want...

10 AM -- Fish and Matt

12:30 PM -- Fish and Matt

3 PM -- The Spencer and Matt

6:30 PM -- Keith and Butler
Torto and Matt
Nick and The Spencer

9 PM -- Keith and Matt
Torto and The Spencer
Nick (drunk) and Birthday Boy (really drunk)


  1. Given your history, probably Deb.

    I will be coming with a full compliment of clean, complete stadium charts. Can't wait fellas!


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