Monday, February 8, 2010

Hit and Run

Torto has the rule correctly, but this came up in a game against Nick recently, in regards to hit and run. If you have a guy that has an "A" hit and run, if there is a strikeout on the pitcher's card, it turns into a foul. However, there is a difference between "A" bunter, and an "A" bunter and hit and run - it makes more sense if you look at the example below. And yes, Castillo has a great card Nick!


  1. Yup - I familiarized myself with this rule heavily in the 2008 AL campaign, what with Joe Mauer being an A-1B hit n' runner and Mr. Hard Groundout much of the time.

    I have to admit, I'm a little hooked on this feature/rule and have 3 hitters that can use it for this season - Tejada, Pierre, and El Caballo. I'll also note that I hit and run myself out of a potential game-winning deep drive, since the H&R can override the 'Clutch' rating. Classic Torto overmanagement.

    Also, two other notes to point out,
    1) Strikeouts on the batters and pitcher card are affected by this; and

    2) If you look at the rulebook, I believe your first two strikeouts turned 'foul' are not foul balls you roll. They are considered foul tips. The third one goes to the normal foul roll (based on stadium dimensions).

    Good stuff Fish - thanks for bringing clarity to this issue.

  2. Wow! Great clarification, guys. Fish you are very dangerous with this new "circle the key stat" scanner thing...awesome work...


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