Monday, February 22, 2010

Updated standings, and a call for some basic stats...

Great time last Friday guys - the beer was cold, the dice were hot, and the cheese was - well, overwhelming.  Hats off to our Commish for his generous nature and sweet hook ups. 

My personal favorite points of the evening:

1)  A despondent Nick exclaiming to the group - "No, Torto's not a nice guy.  Fuck Torto." after losing his second series

2) Mackey describing to me what a "Whitewater Peach" was. There's some imagery I could do with out.

3) The entire group roundly rejecting Spencer's ridiculous claim that he doesn't need to tell anyone what arm his pitchers throw with before they enter the game.

Please note that I've updated the standings and schedule matrix to the best of my ability, and recollection of the evening.  Let me know if there are any errors that need correcting.

I'd also like to post a few stat leaders (Top 5?)  if we can get participation.  Just for a few basic stats, where nothing more than basic counting is involved.  That means HR, RBI, SB, and perhaps K leaders.  I'm guessing that Adrian Gonzalez is the league leader in HRs with 14, if Spence is to be believed.  Throw out your leaders in a comment or an email and I'll get things updated.

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  1. Cheeze was that fun on Friday. Good to be surrounded with PTP, macrobrews, pizza, cheese and masculinity on Friday. Thanks again to Nick for da hook up and to Torto and Nick for somehow capturing the madness on paper.

    Unfortunately, other than Lincecum's 19 K's against Fish (in a loss - so typical) I live a stat-free existence.


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