Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fish vs Spencer - NL Series

Location: Deb Marzahl Residence
Beverages: Coffee ("I have whiskey in my coffee"), Moon Man, Alaskan Amber

Game 1: T Hudson at T Stauffer

Fish jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the 1st with a single by O Hudson, stolen base, Cargo moving him to third, and Ruiz let a past ball go by to bring him in.  Spencer answered quickly a run in the top of second from Beltran, moved over by Ruiz, fielders choice to third by cocaine Espinosa, and sac fly by Ryan Zimmerman.  In the bottom of the 4th, a lead was extended by Fish with a lead off walk to Votto (0-0 on the day with 4 walks, two runs scored), base hit by Hundley, moved them over with Black Logan Morrison, and a 2 RBI  single by the Headley Connection.  Some insurance runs were had in the 8 inning when AA Morrison and Headley had RBI singles.  Fish wins 6 -4.

Win - Stauffer
Loss - Hudson
Save - Salas

Game 2: Gallardo at Kershaw

Fish took the lead early with a third inning two run Home Run by Clint Barmes.  Spencer would tie the game in the top of the 6th with consecutive single - double - double by Espinoza, Pujolas and Beltran.  Fish would quickly answer in the bottom of the frame with a 2-run Home Run by Carlos Gonzalez and pick up insurance runs in the bottom of the 8th with a three run blast by Craig Allen.  Fish wins 7-2.

Win - Kersahw
Loss - Gallardo

HR- Barmes, Cargo, Craig

Game 3: Kendrick at Cain

After a run was scored on both pitchers, all hell would break loose on Kendrick in the bottom of the 5th inning.  He gave up two 3-run home runs in the frame, the first to Carlo Gonzalez and the second to the Black Logan Morrison.  Things didn't get much better for relief pitcher Guerra in the 6th inning, giving up 5 runs on 3 hits.  Fish wins 12-1

Win - Cain
Loss - Kendrick

HR - Cargo, Morrison
Injury - Beltran - 1 game, next series

Series MVP - Carlos Gonzalez

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fish at Keith

Location: Christy's Landing - Madison Wisconsin (picture not representative of current conditions)

Beverages - Pitchers of Miller Lite
Conditions - initially 57 degrees and sunny, needed to head indoors for Game 3, still too cold

Don't have the stats - unfortunately.  Keith won Game 1 on account of a great game by Mark Trumbo, what  a stiff.

Game 2 was won by Fish - in 15 innings.  After Nick Swisher had 6K's in the game, he belted a 15th inning 2-run home run to win the game, 4-2.

Game 3- Justin Masterson of all people was locking my team down, until a 5 run orgy occurred in the 7th inning, with an AJ Pierzynski "Clutch" three run home run.

Fish wins the series, 2-1.  I have never seen Keith so ill from the common cold and so irritated by loosing in PTP.

Series MVP, reluctantly: Nick Swisher