Monday, February 1, 2010

New Stadium Charts In; Mind Blown

Ummm, where do I start? This is sensory overload. I don't know whether to be proud of my buddies for this outstanding creation or extremely embarassed.

As alluded to in my heading, I received the new stadium charts today (following some agressive email "reminders" to Dynasty Baseball - assholes). I'll make copies and begin distributing them - possibly at the next APD at the end of the month. At this point though, we may just want to "officially" put them into use beginning the 2009 AL Season.

My apologies, I did not know the reserve players were in such high demand until a VM from Fish yesterday. I'm available this weekend for anyone who wants to look at the cards. If it would make more sense, I'm happy to give them to the Commish since he, admirably, is always around the action at some point.

I was cleaning out my "spam" email today when a noticed Spencer's email, alluding the the fact that Jayson Werth gets under his skin like a leetch on foreskin (or something to that affect). Hilarious. I like the "classic baseball card" - Haarang looks like he went to Palmyra-Eagle High School. I also like the minor league idea - anything that extends the drafts...

The opportunity to create surveys is awesome - I want every trade over-analyzed. Finally, can we get League Champs back to the beginning of our PTP league on the side? I think all but one or two are Fish, but let's give love where love is due. We should also note that the 2007 AL year (I think) was a strike-shortened season - I'm pretty sure I had that thing....

Good stuff fellas.

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  1. Keith - Your participation here hints at the pride you feel for such a creation, rather than embarassment. But honestly, I'm a little embarrassed myself at the geekiness- but dammit, I've really come to love the highs and lows this game brings and all the peripheral bullshit that goes with it (i.e. drinking, carousing, and getting to know you guys all better). OK - Sappiness over. And on to the business end of your post.

    I'd be happy to post our league champs as far back as you guys have records from. I have this info only as far back as I have been playing (AL 2007). Somebody email me the league champs prior to this, and I'll post our past champs along side our current reigning champs.


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