Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lame Player Nicknames

A blog I check regularly recently pointed out that Baseball has professional hitter Todd Helton's nickname listed as "The Toddfather".  Hoping this was true, I quickly checked the link and verified that they do indeed list Todd Lynn Helton as "The Toddfather".  LAME.  Yet he's on my team this NL season, and hell if I'm not going to use this the rest of the way.  I now also plan to mix in the whistling of the 'Godfather theme' periodically before rolls.  Now I consider Baseball to be a fairly reputable site, but I get the feeling there is some Wikipedia-type 'unverified' amendments going on here.  Has anyone ever heard of Helton referred to as the 'Toddfather'?  I know I haven't. 

I also found that one of my other bad-ass sluggers, Pablo Sandoval, better known as the Kung Fu Panda - is also referred to as the 'Round Mound of Pound'.  Much better than Captain Cuddles to be sure.  Interestingly enough, they don't list Joe Mauer having any nicknames.  I've personally heard him referred to as the 'Baby Jesus' and 'Jesus Christ Superstar' whilst touring around the Twin Cities.  Keep that in mind for the upcoming AL season. 

So check your rosters boys, you may have a hidden gem of a nickname floating out there.  Gotta say though, I like some of the fabricated nicknames best of all though, i.e. "The Reverend Randy Wells", "Ianetta the Beretta", "My Pisano Joey Votto", etc.

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