Monday, February 1, 2010

PTP Minor League System...?

Given the number of long term injuries we've seen this season, and the lack of access to the remaining player cards of late, I thought of a new idea that may solve this problem.  A sort of Minor League PTP system. 

All this would entail is beginning a secondary supplemental draft (after the 1st 25 rounds are completed) - where everyone takes, say, 5 additional players.  These cards would then be yours, and but could not be used (called up) unless you had a significant injury, or perhaps even if you had an underperforming player you wanted to send down.  Of course there could be restrictions on call-ups and send-downs.  This could all be worked out fairly easily though, over a couple beers.  Should you still need an additional player to fill out your roster due to continued injuries, you could then dip into the remaining pool of players, but perhaps for a fee (say $2 per player).

Just a thought, but let me know what you guys think.  I think it would be fun to extend the draft another couple rounds, and then we'd all have our Triple AAA backups in hand.  What say you Commish?


  1. Great idea. I would have sent half of my team down to the minors already.

  2. Sounds like this idea may be gathering some traction (Keith, Butler, me...). I'll definitely make a motion to propose we employ it for the forthcoming AL season...

  3. I'm in. I like drafts to be slow-paced, drawn out and dipped in dickle!


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