Wednesday, February 10, 2010

APD Update?

Hey dudes! I believe "blogger etiquite" would dictate I post this under Fish's original post, but that conversation seems to have died, so I'll beg the question again - what up with APD? I would love to spend a day rolling some dice - I particularly want to get together with Fish, Matty and Butts. Any takers for the last two weekends in Feb?


  1. Thanks for bringing this back up Keither - it seems like the topic of an APD has gone silent. I get worried my momentum will die if I don't keep playing...

  2. Gentlemen,

    Most likely the last two weekends of the month are not going to work for me, as I will be celebrating black history month.

    Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the proper way to celebrate black history is month is to attend a poolside booty clapping party. At said parties scandalously dressed females dance in a provocatively ritualistic manner. In which they make their “booty bounce”. Booty clapping became main stream in 1997, giving young males something to “work with” while watching MTV or BET instead of soft core porn. To make ones booty clap, the person performing this dance needs to move their body in a back and forward or up and down fast manner causing each buttocks to clap together with each motion.

    So like I said, most likely I will not be able to attend. Keep me informed because my plans might change.

    On another note, Wandy’s suspension is over. And why isn’t everyone else on this blog yet?

  3. I like how Butler posts a post like that, yet has a cute shot of his daughter as his profile pic. Very humorous though...

    By the way...I have no idea why everyone else hasn't attempted to hop over to the blog yet...

    Next weekend works better for me, than this one...

  4. Next weekend works for me best too. To sweeten the prospects of making next weekend an APD (mini or otherwise), I'll travel with a pot of chili on the floor of my car if needed.

  5. Fellows - my series with Carlo (which I lost 1-2) was updated in the bottom "standings spreadsheet and schedule matrix." However, the division standings on the right need to be updated to our proper records - 3-12 for me (gulp), and 7-8 for Car. Also, we made a relatively inconsequntial trade - I sent him Ryan "Lutheran" Church for Ryan Ludwick.

  6. Guys

    Count me in for APD. Nick texted that this Friday evening was a possible day. Friday evening is a bad day for me. Sunday could work, but I would prefer the weekend of the 27th. It would be great to get Matt there and catch up on some games.


  7. Good catch Keith - change made.

    Saw Nick's text as well. I could probably make it for a Friday evening or Saturday morn next weekend.


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