Friday, July 30, 2010

NICK SWEEPS SPENCER. League braces for a dominant season.

Hey, dudes. Spencer and I hooked up for a mid-week PTP dice-off. Rock is going to be sending me the sheets, so I will share specifics later. Games one and three were pitcher duels and the second game was more of an extra inning slug-fest.

______ Here's the skinny ______

Game one: Touchdown Tommy Hunter pitched 8+ innings, before Mike Wuertz shut the door.

Game two: Shin Soo Choo wins it with a walk-off homer in the bottom of the 14th inning. My stacked bullpen did wonders after Carl Pavano's early departure.

Game three: Spencer and I went extras again. Zack Greinke does it Jack Morris-gangster style, going a complete game 10 innings. This makes me much happier about drafting him in the first round.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saturday Night's All Right for Rolling - Mini-APD at Casa de Torto?

So Keith and I have made arrangements to roll out an AL series this Saturday evening at my place in West Bend.  We figured we should open it up to the rest of you fine gents in case you weren't busy, and had the itch to keep your season moving forward.  So at any rate, feel free to come on over on Saturday afternoon/evening.  Keith will be arriving around 6:30pm.  I'll provide beer/cocktails, snacks, and generally solid hospitality.  You provide your PTP cards.

Keith, you'll be getting my 2-3-4, righty-lefty-righty (Verlander, Bedard, Bergesen).  I'll admit I get a little extra excited everytime m'boy Verlander gets to climb the mound, due to my man-crush.  So enjoy another Samara Pearlstein original (love her Tigers artwork) showing off JV's triple digit heat.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fish vs Torto, Bug Central

Torto was nice enough swing by Milton Wisconsin on Saturday night for some dice rolling. I'm in the process of replacing the storm doors on the porch, so things got a little buggy as the night progressed, I think Torto got a couple of moths in the face - sorry Torto! The games were well played and close, with the details to follow:

Game 1: Floyd at Bergerson

Torto started the game out quickly with a 1st inning two run home run from Matsui Godzilla. However, not to be out done, his countryman Ichiro Suzuki hit a solo home run in top of the 3rd, stating after the game he found his new team and manager to much more comfortable and suited for his game, all in broken English. Granderson, Posada and Figgons all double in the top of the 4th to take the lead 3-2. However Torto stormed back with a two run home run from Jason "they'll give anybody a Clutch rating" Bartlett. In the top of the 6th, Ian "Gifilte Fish" Kinsler hit a base shot, later scoring on a base shot by Alex Rodriguez. With two walks to lead off the top of 9th, Mr. Sipp gave up those two runs on a bases clearing double by Michael Cuddyer. Joe Nathan closed the game out with his second save on the season.

Fish wins 7-4

Winning Pitcher - Floyd

Losing Pitcher - Bergerson

Save - Nathan

Home Runs




Game 2: Buerhle at Garza

Alex Rodriguez clubbed an early two run home run in the 1st inning, with Lady Gaga in attendance. Adrien Beltre hit a solo home run in the bottom of the 1st - then the bats on both sides went quite for awhile. In the top of the 7th, Paully Konerko scored after he got on base on a fielder's choice - scored on a bases loaded walk by Chone Figgons. The top of the 9th was agin problematic for Torto, Matt Thorton gave up a lead off single to Ellsbury, followed by an RBI double from Posada, triple from Kinsler, and a two run home run from slugger Ichrio. Torto scored two runs in the bottom of the 9th on a two run home run from Morneau. Buerhle went 8 innings, gave up 4 hits, 1 earned run, three walks and four strike outs.

Fish wins 7-3

Winning Pitcher - Buerhle

Losing Pitcher - Garza

Home Runs





Game 3: Feldman at Halladay

Halladay had really great stuff as he scattered 7 hits over his complete game shutout, including 11 strike outs. A lead off double from Jason Bartlett, plated by Matsui in the 1st in all Halladay needed. Torto score another run in the 6th on a solo home run from Sweeney.

Torto wins 2-0

Winning Pitcher - Halladay

Losing Pitcher - Feldman

Home Runs


No injuries to report

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Play Ball?

Anybody want to play this week? Monday night (7/26), Wednesday night (7/28) or Saturday night are all good for me. Let me know - happy to host, drive or meet you halfway...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Five Thirds of a Ballpark?

Thought you guys might enjoy my write-up on my latest ballpark visit - Fifth Third Ballpark in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Good times there, even if I was running O Solo Mio.  If nothing else, I've got a tip on a Brewers pitching prospect (Whitecaps played the Timber Rattlers)

Oh, and hey - it turns out I'm gonna be in the Janesville-Beloit area Saturday evening.  Any interest in rolling out a series that night?  Anyone?  Anyone...? 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

C.C.'ing you in the playoffs.

AL - TORTO @ SPENCER @ Morry's Bar, Beaver Dam

GAME 1 - Roy Halladay @ Slick Rick Porcello

Spencer kicked off the scoring in the bottom of the 2nd with a Pudge Rodriguez 2RBI-double. Spencer 2-0. Torto tied things at 2-2 in the 3rd on a 2RBI-triple. Spencer would take a 4-2 lead on a J.D. Drew 2RBI-double in the 4th. The Cover Girl, Evan Longoria added a solo shot in the 7th to make it 5-2 Spencer. Torto would tie in the 8th however, as Justin Morneau smacked a bases loaded double. Jerry Laird was hit by Darren Oliver to lead off the 9th. After a Oliver balk, Laird scired the winning run on a Magpipes Ordonez single. TORTO WINS 6-5
W - Brandon Lyon 2.2IP, 4K
L - Oliver 2.0, 2h, er, 2k
Halladay got roughed up 6.1, 13h, 5er, 5k, hr
GAME 2 Justin Verlander @ Nick Blackburn
This game was pitcher dominated. Spencer scored first on a RBI-double by Cesear Izturis. Spencer added one more on a Franklin "Do You have them, GUTS!" Gutierrez RBI-single. Torto made it 2-1 in the top of the 8th on a Jason "Pears" Bartlett RBI-single, but Torto's shoddy defense cost him in the bottom of the 8th. Big Tex reached on a Rob Cano error. Average Mexican Juan Rivera reached on a Morneau error, and Pudge Rodriguez delivered the KO blow with a RBI single to seal it. SPENCER WINS 3-1
W - Blackburn 7.0, 3H, 2BB, 4K
L - Verlander CG, 7H, 3R, 2ER, 2BB, 9k
S - Phil Hughes 2.0, H, ER, BB, K
GAME 3 Erik "Handicapped" Be-dard @ C.C. Sabathia
Spencer scored early in the first as "The Swami" Raji Davis and J.D. Drew scored on a Aaron "Benny" Hill 2RBI-single. Spencer would add one more in the 3rd as Longoria, Big Tex, and Benny Hill smacked consecutive singles. Torto cut the gap scoring one on a bases loaded walk, but Spencer scored right after in the bottom of the 5th on an Average Mexican RBI-single. "Pears" Bartlett jacked a meaningless solo bomb in the top of 8th. C.C. Sabathia dominated for the second straight start and picked up his second straight CG. SPENCER WINS 4-2. SPENCER WINS SERIES 2-1
*********INJURY UPDATE*********** Torto lost Ryan Raburn for 2 games on a diving attempt at a catch. It was a 2B.
W- Sabathia CG, 6H, 2ER, 9K, 2BB
L - Bedard 7.2, 10H, 4ER, 7K, 2BB

Monday, July 19, 2010

AL Games and a 4 Player Trade - WOW

On Monday evening, games were played at the Fisher household between Keith and Fish. The outcome is noted below:

Game 1 : Scott Feldman at Josh Beckett
It was a quick start for the visiting team, with a leadoff triple by Chone Figgons and a follow-up RBI double by Eric Aybar. However, the run was quickly answered in the bottom of the 1st with an Ichiro double and Youklis RBI single. Beckett had things on lock after the 1st, going 8 innings with 5 hits, 2 walks, and 10 strike outs. Keith won the game with a Cuddeyer RBI double in the 6th off of Duensing.
Keith wins 2-1
Win: Beckett
Loss: Duensing
Save: Rivera
HR – None
SB – None

Game 2 : AJ Burnett at Jarod Wahburn
Alex Rodriguez started things off in the top the first with a two run home run, plating Ellsbury. With a pitchers duel in progress, Bob Abreu plated A-Rod to take a 3-0 to this point. Vlad the Impaler hit a ball around his shoes for a 2 run home run in the bottom of the sixth, to narrow the lead to 3-2. Fuentes held down the lead, and Nathan struck out the side in the 9th for the save.
Fish wins 3-2
Win: Burnett
Loss: Washburn
Save: Nathan
HR – A. Rodriguez, V. Guerrero
SB – (1) Ellsbury, (2) C. Crawford, (1) Ichiro

Game 3 : Felix Hernandez at A. Niemann
Niemann quickly looked like a combination of Cory Newman and Corey Hart in the 1st inning of this game. He gave up a single to Figgons, double to Aybar, RBI single to A-Roid, and a single to Markakis, all to which plated three runs in the top of the 1st. Keither answered with a run in the bottom of the 1st with a Carl Crawford walk, stolen base, and a Youklis RBI single. Niemann did have his “good stuff” when three more runs scored in the top of the second inning, with a single from Kinsler, a walk from Abreu, double from A-Rod, and a double Granderson. AJ Piersinski hit a solo shot in the bottom of the second. A – Rod hit a solo home run in the top of the 4th, and that would be the end of scoring.
Fish wins 7-2
Win: Hernandez
Loss: Niemann
HR – A. Rodriguez, AJ Piersenski
SB – (2) C. Crawford, (2) Figgons

**TRADE – MAJOR TRADE Announcement

Fish Trades:
1B: Kenry Morales
RF: Nick Markakis

Keith Trades:
RF: Ichiro Suzuki
OF: Michael Cuddyer

Sunday, July 18, 2010

2009 NL Playoffs Round 1 - Torto v. Spencer: Rocky Mountain High (in Colorado)

I was under the impression that 'Rocky Mountain Oysters' were bull testicles, delicately breaded and fried to a crisp - a real delicacy. Apparently though, prior to slicing and breading they also resemble the oblong 'zero' shape of the numbers hung on the scoreboard at Coors Field each time Manager Rockwell sent his squad back on to the field.  Eating these during the series would have been apropos, as Spence had my balls in his mouth all series.  But enough with the crude taunting.

My squad persevered thru two tough, extra-inning road games in filthy, grimy Pittsburgh.  Then rode the wave of emotion back to the picturesque alpine beauty of Colorado, where they proceeded to complete the sweep, finishing off Spencer's team in impressive fashion, allowing only 3 runs in 18 innings at home.  Now, much like the 2006 Detroit Tigers, I have to wait (perhaps for weeks) to figure out who my opponent will be in the World Series.  My red-hot rolling can only cool off from here.  But for the meantime, here's the details from the 2-3 seed 1st round playoff matchup.

Game 1 - J.Vasquez @ A.Wainwright
With post-Mokeski stiffness starting set in, Spence and I sat down and rolled out the first two games at the VanLanduyt family estate.  Both squads chipped away at each other, a run here - a run there.  The Panda got things started with a solo shot in the top of the second (Torto 1, Spence 0), and a Miguel Tejada RBI-double in the top of the 3rd (Torto 2, Spence 0).  Rockwell struck back in the bottom of the 3rd with an Adrian Gonzalez bases loaded walk (ugh) and a Matt Holliday RBI-groundout (Torto 2, Spence 2).  Javy and Wainwright settled in after that, pitching a scoreless duel into the ninth, where Wainwright struck out Werth and Pagan before yielding back-to-back singles to 7-8 hitters Randy Winn and Pedro Feliz.  These last two baserunners finally wore down Wainwright to 'tired' status, and Spence went with his gut and let the kid keep rolling against 9-hole pinch hitter Gary Sheffield.  Sheff delivered a 2-out RBI single, scoring the speedy Winn (who was later ejected), and taking a 3-2 lead into the bottom of the 9th (Torto 3, Spence 2).  I went to the pen, handing the ball to the usually solid Huston Street.  Maybe it was road jitters, maybe not - but Street got 2 quick outs, and then allowed a pinch-hit single to James Loney, followed by the Mexican (er, Peruvian?) Masher AKA Carlos Ruiz RBI-double to tie the game (Torto 3, Spence 3).  The ball was then handed over to Ryan Franklin, who went ahead and closed the 9th with a K, and had a perfect scoreless 10th.  Nothing doing for anybody until the top of the 12th, when Sean Burnett walked of Toddfather, allowed a single by the Panda, and then a RBI-single from Angel Pagan (Torto 4, Spence 3).  With no closers left, it was up to the dynamic tandem of Guillermo Mota and Mitch Setter to seal the deal. Mota dealt the first out, followed by Mitch "A-Gone Killa" Stetter sitting down the big lefty.  After a 2-out single yielded to Matt Holliday, Stetter closed out the game sitting down Scotty Rolen.
WP - G.Mota
BS - H.Street
S - M.Stetter
LP - S.Burnett
Ejection - R.Winn arguing strikezone in the 11th.
Player of the Game - Angel Pagan  3-6 with GW RBI-single
Torto wins Game 1 (4-3 in 12 innings)

Game 2 - C.Billingsley @ C.Lee
With both 'pens used heavily in Game 1, both teams were apprehensive of how the pitching would hold up in this match.  C-Bill and Lee both did what they could to keep their respective team bullpens from being decimated early in the series.  For part of the way my squad was handicapped in the field, due to an early Henry Blanco ejection (arguing strikes) in the 2nd - moving the Panda over to the backstop.  Then in the 6th, the hot tempers continued as Pedro Feliz was also ejected (arguing strikes again). Shorthanded now at the 3B position, old man Gary Sheffield was forced to grab his glove for the first time all season, and play third rocking the F-5 range/error.   Sheff picked up at 3rd like he was 20 again, going error free the remainder of the game.  After an ought-ought tie thru 8, the Rocks finally got off the schnide in the top of the 9th, getting a run on a Miguel Tejada 2-out RBI single (Torto 1, Spence 0).  Not to be denied and lose another in the late innings, Spence got a solo bomb from A-Gone off Billingsley to tie it up (Torto 1, Spence 1).  Top of the 10th, Manager Rockwell let Cliff Lee forge ahead.  And he got himself into a little trouble, after plunking Toddfather Helton with 2-outs.  Spence yanked Lee for Kiki Calero, who proceeded to give up a 2-run blast to the Kung Fu Panda (Torto 3, Spence 1).  Huston Street was again handed the ball to close it out, and it was a rough road.  Street gave up a lead off single to Yunel Escobar, then walked Jeff Keppinger before whiffing 'Killa Mike' Cameron, and getting Jimmy Loney to ground out into a game ending double play.
WP - C.Billingsley
S - H.Street
LP - K.Calero
Ejections - H.Blanco (2nd inn), P.Feliz (6th inn)
Player of the Game - Pablo Sandoval 1-5 with GW 2-R HR
Torto wins Game 2 (3-1 in 10 innings)

Game 3 - R.Ohlendorf @ R.Dempster
The series now headed out to Coors Field, with dice rollin' going down at Morry's Bar in Beaver Dam.  With the joint now smoke-free, the now-absent toxicological affects of 2nd-hand smoke allowed for my brain to function at a modestly higher level, allowing me to process perfectly when and how to use my bullpen and when to make defensive substitutions.  I got on the board first on an RBI-single from Pedro Feliz in the 2nd (Torto 1, Spence 0).  Spence struck back in the 3rd on an A-Gone base clearing 2B (Torto 1, Spence 1). In the bottom of the 5th, the meat of the order got to Ohlendorf.  With 2-outs, Toddfather Helton jacked a deep drive and the +40 carry pushed the ball into the cool, crisp Colorado night.  Sandoval then singled, and Woolly Jason Werth cranked another ball into the seats (Torto 4, Spence 1).  Spence got 1 back in the 6th on a Mike Cameron RBI-single (Torto 4, Spence 2). Kid Kenshin Kawakami came in for Spencer in the 6th and immediately got rocked around, giving up 3 hits and a walk, culminated in a Tejada RBI-single (Torto 5, Spence 2).  Spencer's bats went to sleep the rest of the way, as Stetter and Franklin held things down, and I picked up one more insurance run in the 8th on a Sandoval RBI-single (Torto 6 Spence 2).
WP - R.Dempster
LP - R.Ohlendorf
Player of the Game - R.Dempster 7IP, 8H, 0BB, 8K, 2ER
Torto wins Game 3 (6-2)

Game 4 - C.Zambrano @ R.Wolf

Usually when you see a pic like this accompanying one of my posts, it means something good happened for Big Z.  This occasion is no different.  From the moment Zambrano toed the rubber, he was dialed in and ready to sweep this thing out.  No fucking around here kids,  none whatsoever.
My guys jumped out to an early lead, getting Spence nervous about his lefty #4.  Wolf lasted 1 inning, but only gave up 2 runs, on a Panda RBI single and a El Caballo RBI-ground out (Torto 2, Spence 0).  Wolf then proceeded to give up a HR in his first batter faced in the 2nd, Phatty Freddy Sanchez (Torto 3, Spence 0). Fresh of the DL, Spencer inserted vet Pedro Martinez into the game.  Pedro got knocked for a run in the 3rd, this time after allowing a Werth 2B, then steal of 3rd, before Henry Blanco sac-flied him home (Torto 4, Spence 0).  Zambrano got a little wobbly in the 4th, walking A-Gone and Yunel back-to-back, before Blanco's calming presence centered the big guy.  Leading off the bottom of the 4th, a focused Big Z belted a deep drive off Martinez into the seats for the 3rd HR by a pitcher in league history (Torto 5, Spence 0).  Zambrano cruised up thru the 7th (striking out the side in both the 3rd and the 6th - fist pumping anyone?), before handing the ball to Mitch Stetter to sit down A-Gone, who then in turn let Huston Street close it out.  Street was again shaky, allowing Mike Cameron a solo shot in the top of the ninth, before slamming the door on the series (Torto 5, Spence 1)
WP - C.Zambrano
LP - R.Wolf
Player of the Game - C.Zambrano 7IP, 2H, 4 BB, 10K, 0 ER, 1-3 with solo HR.
Torto wins Game 4 (5-1) and wins Round 1 Series (4-0)

Hats off to Spence, who was class all the way thru this series - in spite of some brutal rolling that would frustrate the best of us.  The poor guy's bats went to sleep about 95% of the series, and I was 'on' for pretty much the entire series, and there was no way around it.  Will I be this ignited for the World Series?  Who knows, but I certainly won't count on it.  But for now, I'll briefly celebrate with the adding of chocolate to milk, and hitting the hay.  Good luck to Carlo/Matt/Fish.  Go Rocks.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fish @ Spence in AL Season Opener

King Felix Hernandez @ C.C. Sabathia - Game 1

Game 1 @ PTP Pavillion @ Starin Park was a low scoring, pitching heavy affair featuring numerous strikeouts. Spencer started the scoring in the bottom of the 4th as Aaron Hill lead off with a walk. After Average Mexican Juan Rivera singled, Hill scored on Franklin "Gutzz" Gutierrez's RBI-single. 1-0 Spence. Spencer scored 2 more runs in the 8th on a J.D. Mountain Drew Solo Shot and Big Tex RBI-double. 3-0 Spence. CC Sabathia once again bucks the lefty trend and scatters 7 hits over 9 innings.
Spencer wins 3-0.

W- Sabathia CG, 7h, bb, 6k
L - Hernandez CG, 6h, 3er, 3bb, 16k
**Fish's Delmon Young was 3-4 in the loss...

Gavin Floyd @ Edwin Jackson - Game 2

Things got HOT early in Game 2. Chone Figgins struckout to lead off the game, but reached 1st on a passed ball. He was then caught trying to steal 2nd and ejected by the ump for arguing the call. He was replaced by Ian Kinsler. Fish scored in the 2nd on a Kendry Morales RBI-single. He added one more on an Ian Kinsler solo blast in the 5th. 2-0 Fish. Fish added three more runs in the 6th as Ellsbury doubled, Kinsler walked, Erik Aybar RBI-single, and Bob I Must Abreu 2 RBI-double. 5-0 Fish after 6. Spencer would get on the board in the 7th on an Aaron Hill RBI-single. 5-1 FISH. Fish would add 1 more in the 7th on a Kendry Morales RBI-double. 6-1 FISH after 7 innings.

The 8th inning is when the fireworks began. I-Rod led off with a double, scored on J.D. Drew's triple. Drew scored on Longoria's double. Longoria scored on Big Tex's double, Big Tex scored on Aaron Hill's 2-run blast. Tied 6-6 after 8 innings.

Darren Oliver escaped Fish's bases loaded, 2-out jam in the top of the 9th, and Ceasar Izturis singled home Frank Gutz to win in the bottom of the 9th.
Spencer wins 7-6.

W - Oliver IP, 2h
L - Bob Jenks 0.2, 4h, 3er, hr
*Ed. Jackson - 6.0, 7h, 5er, 4bb, 7k, hr
*Gavy Floyd - 7.2, 9h, 4er, bb, 2k

Mark Buehrle @ James "The" Shields

Nothing like a barn-burner to decide Game 3. Fish jumped ahead early in the 1st as a Bob Abreu SAC Fly and Curt Granderson RBI-double put Fish ahead 2-0. A Juan Rivera Solo Blast in the 2nd and a J.D. Drew Solo blast in the 3rd tied thigs up a 2-2 after 3 innings. Fish scored in the top of the 8th on a Bob Abreu RBI-single. Spencer tied it 3-3 in the bottom of the 8th thanks to The Swami Raji Davis second 3B of the game. He scored on a Big Bad Tex double.

Bullpens took us to the 13th inning. A-ROD got his first hit of the series, stole 2nd, Granderson walked and both scored on a Morales RBI-single. Fish leads 5-3. Kerry Wood gets the final 2 outs around 2 walks for the save. FISH WINS 5-3 in 13 innings. SPENCER WINS SERIES 2-1

W - JP Howell at the Moon - 1.1, 3k
L - Terrence & Phillip Hughes - 4+, 5h, 2er, bb, 4k
S - Wood, 0.2, 2bb, k

**Raji Davis was 3-6, 2 x 3B
** Fish 3 team SB in game

Good way to start getting 2 of 3 from Fish. Gets nothing but easier from here on out....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dye sent down to AA Pamyra

This is a little late getting up, but go ahead and soak in the high powered bats of your Kansas City Royals...pitching not so much. At some point I see myself making a move for a starting pitcher, but until then I will enjoy rolling the dice for the big, hard thick bats in this lethal lineup.
BREAKING NEWS...Clay Bucholz has been called up form AA Palmyra to replace the injured Dallas Braden in the rotation. Here we go again with the injuries.
AA Palmyra

Jermaine Dye

Hideki Okajima

Chris Perez

Cla Bucholz

Starting Pitching

Jered Weaver

John Danks

Dallas Braden

Kevin Millwood

Brett Anderson

Relief Pitching

Tony Pena

Doug Mathis

Brad Ziegler

Scott Downs

David Robertson

D.J. Carrasco

Mark Lowe

Joakim Soria


Derek Jeter

Dustin Pedroia

Joe Mauer

Miguel Cabrera

Torii Hunter

Michael Young

Nolan Reimold

Jose Bautista

Brian Roberts


Jason Varitek

Jamey Carroll

Johnny Damon

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kevin Youkilis: Runs Batted In Mercenary

Two series, featuring the top three players selected at last weekends draft, kicked off the AL Season this past Saturday in lovely East Troy, Wis. Here's your recap...
Keith @ Butts
Game 1: Lackey @ Weaver
You know how the first game of the season is. You've been staring at your cards for at least a week, tweaking the lineup, and its time for the rubber to hit the road. You hang on each inning, each run. We had a wild opener at scenic Kauffman Stadium.
Keith scored a run in the top of the 1st just the way he drew it up. 1B by Crawford, SB, advanced to third by Ichiro, and driven in on a Youks sac fly. Butts came right back in the bottom of the first though, getting big hits from Pedroia and Miggie Cabrera and scoring four runs. This is basically how the entire game unfolded.
Too much to type out, but as you have likely heard by now, Youks stat line was rediculous. 4-6 with two sac flys, 2 doubles, a HR and a single. Pitching coaches in both dugouts were on the line back to the minors seeing if there was any talent available anytime soon...
Keith wins 17-13
WP: J. Frasor
LP: Ziegler
Player of the Game: Kevin Youkilis
Game 2: Beckett @ Danks
Butts came back swinging in game two, with yet another Pedroia 1st inning double ending in a Mauer RBI single. Beckett settled in after that, however, throwing 6 scoring inning and getting a three run Youkilis home run and an Alberto Callaspo solo job to build a lead. Another run by Keith in the top of the 8th left him up 5-2 before Butts rallied in the bottom of the 8th, scoring three runs against Beckett and Camp on a clutch hit by Michael Young. All for naught, however, as Brian Robertson allowed three straight walks to start the top of the 9th, three of which Callapso and Russ Branyan drove in for the win.
Keith wins 8-5
WP: M. Rivera
LP: B. Robertson
Player of the Game: Youkilis - 2-4 with a HR, 2B, BB, 3 RBI
Game 3: Washburn @ Braden
As if things weren't looking poorly enough for Butts, Dallas Braden grimmaced in pain while facing his second batter of the day. It just so happens Braden has himself an "F" durability. Butts didn't roll terribly, however, it was bad enough to send Braden to the IR - out 21 games - the remainder of the game and his next four starts.
No phasing the focused Jason Butler though, who got 4-baggers from both Miguel Cabrera and Jeter on his way to a series-salvaging 8-3 romp.
Butler wins 8-3
WP - Carrasco
LP - Washburn
Player of the Game: Miguel Cabrera 1-4, HR, 4 RBI
Keith wins series 2-1
Nick @ Keith
Game 1: Grienke @ Niemann
Baltimore welcomed Zach Grienke in town the way they hope to welcome many pitchers. Crawford single, SB, advanced by Ichiro, sac fly Youks. Keith followed in the 3rd with an Adam Jones solo HR and another run driven in on the Crawford-Youkilis combo. While Grienke went the whole game, the real story was unheralded Jeff Niemann, who silenced Nick's bats en-route to the complete game victory.
Keith wins 5-1
WP - Niemann
LP - Grienke
Player of the Game: Niemann, 8 IP, 5 K's, 1 BB, 4 hits
Game 2: Peavy @ Gaudin
After Keith scored once again in the 1st, a Mike Napoli leadoff HR in the 2nd inning got things started for Nick, and a Chin Soo Choo 3B drove in Cabrera and Izturis later in the inning. The fragile Peavy dominated from there, holding a 4-1 lead until things got hairly in the bottom of the 9th. Polanco drove in two for Keith and was on 2nd with one out before Mike Wertz came in for Nick to save the day.
Nick wins 4-3
WP - Peavy
LP - Gaudin
S - Wertz
Player of the Game: Choo 1-4, 3B, 2RBI
Game 3: Baker @ Lacky
A Jason Kubel HR gave Nick a 1-0 lead in the top of the first before Keith came back with 3 runs in the bottom of the first. Lacky and Baker battled from there, each going 7 innings and each allowing 3 runs. In the bottom of the 8th Keith grabbed the lead back, with Placido Polanco pushing Vladdy across the plate. Frasor held off Nick in the top of the 9th, despite a Lyle Overgay double and a walk to Lind.
Keith wins 4-3
WP - Frasor
LP - Baker
Player of the Game: Matt Wieters, 4-4, 2B, RBI
Keith takes series 2-1.
On some side notes....
I have now joined the club of the stat keepers (getting off to a decent start is inpiring). Stats worth mentioning include:
Batting Ave Leaders
Callaspo .714 (7 ABs)
Wieters .533 (15 ABs)
Youkilis .370 (27 AB's)
RBI Leaders
Youkilis 16
V. Guerrero 7
Polanco 4
HR Leaders
Youks 2
2B Leaders
Youks 4
4 tied with 2
Crawford 4
Ichiro 2
The pitching - ahh, not so much. Once someone reminds me how to calculate ERA I can give you Niemann's, but I don't think many of my pitchers are going to show up on the leaderboards...
Any other stats we want to keep please let me know. Torto - Record Book check - Youks had 9 RBI's in the first game of the season, 14 in the first series (sorry Butts). That good for anything?
Also, I unfortunately will probably need to pass on this weekend. I've spent the past two weekends guzzling Bud Lights and stuff around the house has caught up with me. Would be up for a mid-week showdown next week if anyone is interested - Wed or Thur night??

Please Post Stuff

I need more content posted on this site to push this gross picture of Grady Sizemore further down the page. Talk about the weather, or the Danny Mack Show - whatever. Here is a random picture of my dog to take up space

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Out with the old...and in with the CHOO!


While Grady Sizemore works on his swing in Triple A, my MLB lineup features just the right balance of rangy, speedy slappers and inflated-OBP big-boppers. Walk, walk, homer...walk, walk, it!?! Pitching wise, Seattle's as good as it gets. With two aces selected in the first two rounds, my rotation is top notch. The bullpen's stocked with live arms, strikeout artists and WHIP monsters. Good luck with all that in the post season....


c - Mike Napoli
1b - Lyle Overbay (RH) and Nick Swisher (LH)
2b - Asdrubal Cabrerrrr
ss - Marco Scutaro
3b - Macier Izturis
cf - Jason Kubel (RH) and Greenies' Gabe Kapler
cf - Denard Span
rf - Shin Soo Choo
dh - Adam "belly button" Lind (RH) and Aki Iwamura (LH)

c - bench only Gregg Zaun
  • Versus righties (AKA 90% of the league), my lineup features 5 players in the top 15 in RH OBP, 6 in the top 25 and 2 of the top 3 eligible in overall OPS.
  • Versus lefties, I have 5 in the top 25 in OBP, 7 in the top 40 and two of the top three overall (Izturis .475 and Iwamura).

SP1A: Zack Greinke
SP1B: Jake Peavy
SP3: Scott Baker
SP4: Tommy "Big Buck" Hunter
SP5: Carl Pavano

Long: Alfredo "Sauce" Aceves
Long: Danys Baez

short: Mike Wuertz
short: Darren O'Day
short: Frank Francisco
short: New Phil Coke
short: Dan Wheeler
  • Of the top ten overall available RP in WHIP, my bullpen has five of them.
  • Of the top three overall available SPS in WHIP, my team has two of them.

OF Grady Sizemore, C Rod Barajas, IF Nick Punto and SP Ervin Santana

All that and Grady Sizemore waiting for a mid-season out now...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

YOUR 2009 Baltimore Orioles


My squadron will feature these fine professional baseball players....
Carl Crawford
Michael Cuddyer
Josh "the Hammer" Hamilton
Kevin Youkilis (Cptn)
Russell "the Muscle" Branyan
Vladdy Guerrero
Adam Jones
Placido Polanco
Matthew Wieters
A.J. Pierzynski
Cliff Pennington
Jack Wilson
Alberto Callaspo

John Lackey
Josh Beckett
Jarrod Washburn
Jeff Niemann
Chad Gaudin

Justin "of all trades" Masterson "of none"
Shawn "Baseball" Camp
Jason Bulger
Ramon Ramirez
Jason Frasor
Mariano Rivera

Luis Valbuena
Bobby Seay
Brandon McCarthy
Marcus "Big Fucking Cock" Thames

Monday, July 5, 2010

AL Champs - Toppers Breadsticks

I have submitted my AL roster below. You will see the that the captain of my team in Erick Aybar, man of few words - but a man of many blunts, this will keep my team loose. One notable exception to the 25 man roster - Fernando Rodney will be hanging out in South Beloit as his WHIP sucks and he makes his natural home in Detroit Michigan- second worst American city to St. Louis. In his stead will be Kerry Wood - who was clearly chosen because he is white. Here is the roster, in no specific order:

C Figgons
* Captain - E Aybar
B Abreu
A Roid
C Granderson
K Morales
J Porsada
N Markakis
J Ellsbury
J Cust
M Olivo
D Young
P Konerko
I Kinsler

Felix the cat
G Floyd
M Buerhle
S Feldman
AJ Burnett
B Duensing
K Wood
JP Howell
B Jenks
B Fuentes
J Nathan

Minor Leagues:
F Rodney
J Chamberlain
G Matthews JR
L Scott

Whoa No - There goes Tokyo...

West Bend, WI (AP) - For better or worse, Manager Jon 'Torto' Tortomasi's success in this AL season will hinge upon the health of his starting rotation's arms. Today, the opening day roster was declared and PTP fans everywhere are left scratching their heads as Tortomasi clearly neglected offense in favor of arms, and some fragile ones at that.  Will this strategem work? Only rolling the dice will tell.  

Team captain and veteran clubhouse leader, Hideki Matsui, fresh off his latest Japanese ad campaign for Kirin beverages, had only this to say - "なぜ地獄がTortomasiは私のチームのキャプテンというのだろう?私も英語を話さない。どのような典型的なアメリカばか。" 

When pressed by reporters about why he made Matsui the team captain despite the language barrier, Tortomasi shrugged and then tipped his 'Kirin Beer' truckers hat, and cracked open his fourth bottle of Kirin 'Special Premium Reserve' of the conference. "Next question?" was all he responded with.

Here's how things look in the field:
C - Gerald 'G-Money' Laird, Kurt Suzuki
1B - Justin 'Morneau-for-4'
2B - Robinson 'Crusoe' Cano
3B - Mike Lowell, Adrian Beltre
SS - Jason Bartlett 'Pear'
RF - Ryan Raburn
CF - Andrew Sweeney
LF - Maggs Ordonez
DH - Hideki 'Godzilla' Matsui
IF Utility - Ty Wigginton, Orlando Cabrera
OF Utility - Josh Anderson

The starting rotation and bullpen are at least modestly more impressive:
Starting 5 -
1. Roy 'Doc' Halladay
2. Justin Verlander
3. Eric Bedard
4. 'Brittle' Brad Bergesen
5. Matt Garza

The Bullpen -
Robinson 'Don't call me Miguel' Tejada
Brandon Lyon
Tony 'Take Another' Sipp
Octavio 'No-tell' Dotel
Matt Thornton
David 'Aaaarrrrrddsma'

Optioned to Triple AAA Kewaskum were Ian Snell, Pronk Hafner, Casey Kotchman, and Brandon Inge.  Near the end of the conference, Tortomasi made it clear that the club is willing to trade one of their frontline starters if it lands them a high OBP guy or a big bat.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

DeJesus, Garcia sent to AAA Milton.

Manager Spencer Rockwell selects Podsednik, Wakefield for Opening Day Roster
My 2010 AL ML Roster as of 7-4-10
C: Pudge Rodriquez, Kelly Shoppach"aholic"
1B: Big Bad Texiera, Big Papi
2B: Aaron" Benny" Hill
3B: "Cover Girl" Evan Longoria
SS: Ceasar Izturis
OF: " The Swami" Rajai Davis
J.D. "Mountain" Drew
Franklin "Do you have them? Guts!" Gutierrez"
"The Average Mexican" Juan Rivera
Scotty Podz Podsednik
UTIL - Jerry Hairston Jr
Carsten Charles Sabathia
Ed Jackson
Slick Rick Porcello
James "The" Shields
Nick Blackburn "Pitching in the Dead of Night
Jon Papelbon
Phil Hughes
"The Flying Tomato"Sean White
Tim Wakefield
Josh "Git' er" Outman
Darren "Sir Lawrence" Oliver
Daniel Bard
David DeJesus - of
Chris Davis - 1b/3b
Koji Uehara - long
Fred Garcia - long
***looking to trade a dejesus/podsednik for a back-up ss/2b with a range of C+ and up

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Triple Crown"

How can we have a triple crown winner if only 3 people were keeping track of stats? That makes it alot easier for some one to win it. I am not dogging the roided up numbers that Adrian has, I am just stating facts. I most likely would not be able to compete with the "numbers" Spencer's boy has put up, but maybe Matt or Carlo could have, maybe a guy by the name of Pujols could have got the numbers if stats were kept. I am all for keeping full stats through out this next season as difficult as it may be. Just some food for thought.