Friday, February 5, 2010

Fish at Torto
Game 1: Oswalt at Vasquez
I took an early with a two out double by Brad Hawpe plating Luis Castillo. Bengie the dog belted a solo home run in the top of the second. With 5 singles in the top of the third, I took a 5-0 lead, with RBI’s by Hawpe, Wright and Molina. Then the Kung Fu Panda show started (continuing theme). In the bottom of the 4th, after two walks and a base hit by Skippy Shoemacker, Sandoval hit a Grand Slam Home Run, narrowing the lead to 5-4. I added two runs in the top of the ninth with a two run single by Rafael Furcal. Trevor Hoffman cleaned up the ninth.
Fish Wins: 7-4
Win – Oswalt
Loss – Vasquez
Save- Hoffman
Home Runs: Molina, Sandoval

Game 2: Kuroda at Billingsley, Instant Classic!
Where do I start with this game? I guess in the first inning, Bourn started out with a double, and it added up from there: 2 walks, a double and single = 4 runs. Torto responded with a run in the bottom of the frame with a Skippy lead off hit and being plated by Panda on a fielder’s choice. Kuroda lead the inning off with a leadoff double and would come around to score, 5-1 at this point. Then the Panda took over – he hit a three run job in the 3rd and a two run job in the 5th. I answered with two runs in the top of the fifth on a Fukudome pinch hit double. Torto answered in the 6th with a Skippy RBI single, driving in Pagan. Then, in the bottom of the 7th, things got really interesting. To set the stage, Jeromy Affledt was pitching, and he got Todd Helton swinging; then Sandoval hit a base hit, and was advance on a base hit by Wirth. Juan Pierre leaned into a pitch to load the bases. Angel Pagan tried a suicide squeeze with the bases load – he struck out and Sandoval had to steal home. Torto needed to roll 4 and below with two dice to have something good to happen – he rolled 02, collision and the run scores. However, because it was going home, if the catcher had the special block, he was out – Molina had the Special Block, out at the plate, and Molina spiked the ball on the way to the dugout. After that play, both teams were wobbly – no runs scored in regulation. In the top of the 11th, Mota gave up two walks and a base hit to a handsome man David Wright, taking the lead 8-7. In the bottom of the frame, Sandoval hit a one out double, and was plated by Juan Pierre, again tied. Nick Johnson hit clutch a solo home run in the top of the 13th, and that was enough to hold onto this wild game.
Fish Wins: 9-8
Win: Thatcher
Loss: Mota

Home Runs: Sandoval (2), Johnson

Game 3: Marquis at Dempster
Torto inspired his team, and they responded with early runs. They scored 4 in the 4th with a Sandoval RBI triple (later nailed at home on a fielder’s choice), and a Blanco three run job. Jason Marquis was also knocked out of the game for 15 games. Torto didn’t stop there, Carlos Lee hit a Grand Slam in the bottom of the 5th, and Sandoval hit a three run job in the bottom of the 6th, boosting the score to 11-1. In the top of the 8th, Ryan Braun hit a two run jack. And with Mitch Stetter on the mound in the 9th, he gave up two solo home runs to Wright and Molina, then a 2 RBI triple to Nick Johnson, and Houston Street came on to collect the save with the bases loaded. Ryan Dempster was also injured for 15 games
Torto Wins: 11-7
Win: Dempster
Loss: Marquis
Save: Street

Home Runs: Blanco, Lee, Sandoval, Braun, Wright, Molina
MVP of Series: Sandoval: 14 AB – 6 Runs – 8 Hits – 1 Double – 1 Triple – 4 HR – 13 RBI’s


  1. Hi Yaaaaaaaa Hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Best picture ever. Awesome update Fish! One of the best all-time for sure. I have never enjoyed reading an update to a series I lost more than this one.

    I'm going on record - Love the Panda. Hate the BL ('block') - unless my guy has it. I can actually see Bengie Molina spiking the ball in my mind's eye. That guy has caused problems for me ever since I started playing PTP - guess I'll have to draft him one of these years...

  2. Torto - the last two series, AL playoffs and this one, have easily been the toughest in recent PTP memory.

    I got the Tom Laurent treatment from Spencer for drafting Molina - was it the 20 home runs he hit, or the Special Block that he didn't like? Either way, very valuable to my squad.

  3. No doubt bud - we've had some epic battles of late. One of these times I'll get ya !


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