Friday, March 8, 2013

Papi vs. Felix

You Can't Spell King without the "K"

Toronto at Seattle

Yep, that's right.  Nick and I played once, and now we've played again.  Unfortunately for Nick, he came across King Felix both times...

Game One - Masterson @ Grienke

The oft-drafted Masterson was woefully overmatched in this one, as Greinke (CG, 1 ER, 13K's, 2BB's) got stronger as the game went along and Big Papi (3-4, 2 2B's, 1 HR, 4 RBI) lifted the offense on his back and ran.

Nick - 6
Keith - 1
(Nick leads 1-0)

Game Two - Hernandez @ Hammell

King Felix responded to Grienke's strong performance with a complete game (1 ER, 14K's, 4BB's) outing of his own.  In two series against Nick, Hernandez has 30 K's.  It doesn't take a calculator to figure out he's leading the league in this category - he went a complete game in a 10-inning 1-0 loss in the season opener.  Hey Buttrock, how about a copy of that series?

Keith - 3
Nick - 1
(Series tied 1-1)

Game Three - Peavy @ Blackley

This well-played game saw Keith hold on to a 3-2 lead on the strength of a Nelson Cruz HR and a Curt "I only play because Choo is constantly injured" Granderson two-run jobber.  Reddick and Gordon collected RBI's for Ewoldt.

Keith - 3
Nick - 2
(Keith wins series 2-1)