Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Injury Pick-ups


With 3 guys injuried for >10 games, I have eyed the available cards and selected the following players:

1. Ronnie Belliard - he still hates Milwaukee
2. Willie Harris - he likes Milwaukee because of the beer and cheese
3. LaTroy Hawkins - he signed with Milwaukee, even though he is bad



  1. Wait a minute, Fish...why do you get all three right away?

    How do we determine the picking order? In order of injury, I'd assume...

    More importantly, how do I get my mitts on those cards???

  2. I thought about making that complaint as well. I think my guys injury (Dempster) happened AFTER Marquis, but BEFORE the Wright-Morgan collision...

    We need a ruling on this Commish.

    Anybody going to Mario's wine party on Saturday? If so we could spoil it for him by passing cards around... just kidding.

  3. Hey, dudes. We have to make sure this extra guy thing is fair. This is not just a knock on Fish. I think the most fair, logical way to dispense them is according to when the injuries happened.


    For me, Nyjer Morgan was injured in the 23nd game of the year. David Wright was injured on the same play, but that was just Fish's 17th game. So, here, I'd say Fish wins out for a guy, since it happended earlier in his season. So...I'm not even benefitting from this, but Butler or Torto or Carlo etc. who have guys out, may.

    Let's talk...


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