Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Wow. He really can do everything Corey Hart does better.

The outstanding pictures of Jayson Werth continue to roll in on the internets.  There is a create-a-caption contest over on the Yahoo Sports baseball blog, 'Big League Stew' if you have anything particularly witty to say about this pic. The caption above was my entry, inspired by Keith's insightful observation that Werth is everything Hart SHOULD be, but is not.  Oh, and "I hate Jayson Werth" won't win it Spence, sorry.


  1. That beard is sweeeeeet! I like Werth more every time I see a new pic. I'm going over to facebook to become a "fan" of it.

  2. "A Great Beard is Werth it's Weight in Gold"

  3. Spencer wins. Can't beat that.


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