Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finally On...Steve Lake???

For my first entry on this blog, just wanted to have some fun. I DO NOT remember this card whatsoever. Do you dudes?


  1. Nope - no memory of this style card at all. Who made it? Looks like 'Classic' to me...

    Remember that phase all the card manufacturers went thru when they all did variations of a B & W insert card. Ah, the 90s, when cards were so overproduced that even black and white photos were thought to be ground breaking.

  2. My brother and I have pretty much that whole Studio 91 set.

    I remember my brother shoving five or six packs at a time in his gloves, usually, for whatver reason, at the Cross Plaines, WI Kwik Trip.

    The pre-steroids Sammy Sosa card is the best...

  3. Damn - I know that Cross Plaines KT. A frequent stop for the Spring Green Travelling little league team. Post-game skittles and beef jerky.

    I always forget that we both grew up on that side of the state. How frequent were your visits to the Richland Center Hardee's coming from Boscabell?

  4. Torto and Hardess, a long-time love affair, esp the white gravy. . .

    Nick since you are busy playing board games, I guess I'll be buying your Cubs tickets this year.

    Site looks good, all. Anyone need any old stadium backgrounds? Also, I can act as a one-off ringer if someone needs.

    Enjoy your season!


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