Tuesday, July 6, 2010

YOUR 2009 Baltimore Orioles


My squadron will feature these fine professional baseball players....
Carl Crawford
Michael Cuddyer
Josh "the Hammer" Hamilton
Kevin Youkilis (Cptn)
Russell "the Muscle" Branyan
Vladdy Guerrero
Adam Jones
Placido Polanco
Matthew Wieters
A.J. Pierzynski
Cliff Pennington
Jack Wilson
Alberto Callaspo

John Lackey
Josh Beckett
Jarrod Washburn
Jeff Niemann
Chad Gaudin

Justin "of all trades" Masterson "of none"
Shawn "Baseball" Camp
Jason Bulger
Ramon Ramirez
Jason Frasor
Mariano Rivera

Luis Valbuena
Bobby Seay
Brandon McCarthy
Marcus "Big Fucking Cock" Thames


  1. Good work Keith - looks like a fast and scrappy team. The Masterson pick is something else, and I mean not something good.

  2. Nice Keith - looks like you've got some nice balance there: speed, power, defense, and iffy pitching.

    Still, I'm jealous of your hitters.

  3. A couple of very good assessments. Hard to believe Masterson was the 3rd starting pitcher I took and he's not in my rotation. Actually, not hard to believe, just stupid.

    My pitching is certainly iffy, but in three weeks when a Crawford-for-Verlander mega-deal goes down I'll be in much better shape...

  4. If you're pitching is iffy, then my hitting might be an absolute disaster. Trades could be eminent.


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