Sunday, July 4, 2010

DeJesus, Garcia sent to AAA Milton.

Manager Spencer Rockwell selects Podsednik, Wakefield for Opening Day Roster
My 2010 AL ML Roster as of 7-4-10
C: Pudge Rodriquez, Kelly Shoppach"aholic"
1B: Big Bad Texiera, Big Papi
2B: Aaron" Benny" Hill
3B: "Cover Girl" Evan Longoria
SS: Ceasar Izturis
OF: " The Swami" Rajai Davis
J.D. "Mountain" Drew
Franklin "Do you have them? Guts!" Gutierrez"
"The Average Mexican" Juan Rivera
Scotty Podz Podsednik
UTIL - Jerry Hairston Jr
Carsten Charles Sabathia
Ed Jackson
Slick Rick Porcello
James "The" Shields
Nick Blackburn "Pitching in the Dead of Night
Jon Papelbon
Phil Hughes
"The Flying Tomato"Sean White
Tim Wakefield
Josh "Git' er" Outman
Darren "Sir Lawrence" Oliver
Daniel Bard
David DeJesus - of
Chris Davis - 1b/3b
Koji Uehara - long
Fred Garcia - long
***looking to trade a dejesus/podsednik for a back-up ss/2b with a range of C+ and up


  1. That pic is awesome.

    You've motivated me to get my roster up tomorrow. Thanks Spence!

  2. Also, 'Slick Rick' is certainly not the preferred nickname for Rick Porcello. 'Kid Rick' (play on Kid Rock) or 'Fred-Fred' (His full name is 'Alfred Frederick Porcello' are the preferred monikers you should use.

  3. any rick is "slick rick" in my book. i like rap.

  4. Great poster. Looks like another winner Rock but come on - big Papi SUCKED last year.


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