Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Out with the old...and in with the CHOO!


While Grady Sizemore works on his swing in Triple A, my MLB lineup features just the right balance of rangy, speedy slappers and inflated-OBP big-boppers. Walk, walk, homer...walk, walk, it!?! Pitching wise, Seattle's as good as it gets. With two aces selected in the first two rounds, my rotation is top notch. The bullpen's stocked with live arms, strikeout artists and WHIP monsters. Good luck with all that in the post season....


c - Mike Napoli
1b - Lyle Overbay (RH) and Nick Swisher (LH)
2b - Asdrubal Cabrerrrr
ss - Marco Scutaro
3b - Macier Izturis
cf - Jason Kubel (RH) and Greenies' Gabe Kapler
cf - Denard Span
rf - Shin Soo Choo
dh - Adam "belly button" Lind (RH) and Aki Iwamura (LH)

c - bench only Gregg Zaun
  • Versus righties (AKA 90% of the league), my lineup features 5 players in the top 15 in RH OBP, 6 in the top 25 and 2 of the top 3 eligible in overall OPS.
  • Versus lefties, I have 5 in the top 25 in OBP, 7 in the top 40 and two of the top three overall (Izturis .475 and Iwamura).

SP1A: Zack Greinke
SP1B: Jake Peavy
SP3: Scott Baker
SP4: Tommy "Big Buck" Hunter
SP5: Carl Pavano

Long: Alfredo "Sauce" Aceves
Long: Danys Baez

short: Mike Wuertz
short: Darren O'Day
short: Frank Francisco
short: New Phil Coke
short: Dan Wheeler
  • Of the top ten overall available RP in WHIP, my bullpen has five of them.
  • Of the top three overall available SPS in WHIP, my team has two of them.

OF Grady Sizemore, C Rod Barajas, IF Nick Punto and SP Ervin Santana

All that and Grady Sizemore waiting for a mid-season out now...


  1. Is this a post? Man, do I struggle with technology. No lie.

  2. Nick - do you mean to include your roster here? It is a snappy title

  3. OK, you've got my attention. But, ah - is that it?

  4. Fark!

    There was a power outage at UWM yesterday, just as I was about to send my roster etc.

    Argh! Of course I did not mean to send just that, albeit clever, headline.

  5. Wait - who are the big boppers in this lineup? Swisher? Napoli? Kubel? Suddenly I feel better about Godzilla and Morneau-for-4 on my squad...

    Oh, and Tiger-killer Carl Pavano can cram it.

  6. Nick

    Disturbing picture of Grady - although I'm sure you have it saved in your My Pictures file. The line-up looks preaty good, but I can already see the manager filling out the line-up card: 3-Kubel, 4-Lind, 5-Overbay combination, hello left handed specialist! Then comeback with the righty, and there goes the platoon. The pitching is solid, looking forward to going head to head.


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