Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dye sent down to AA Pamyra

This is a little late getting up, but go ahead and soak in the high powered bats of your Kansas City Royals...pitching not so much. At some point I see myself making a move for a starting pitcher, but until then I will enjoy rolling the dice for the big, hard thick bats in this lethal lineup.
BREAKING NEWS...Clay Bucholz has been called up form AA Palmyra to replace the injured Dallas Braden in the rotation. Here we go again with the injuries.
AA Palmyra

Jermaine Dye

Hideki Okajima

Chris Perez

Cla Bucholz

Starting Pitching

Jered Weaver

John Danks

Dallas Braden

Kevin Millwood

Brett Anderson

Relief Pitching

Tony Pena

Doug Mathis

Brad Ziegler

Scott Downs

David Robertson

D.J. Carrasco

Mark Lowe

Joakim Soria


Derek Jeter

Dustin Pedroia

Joe Mauer

Miguel Cabrera

Torii Hunter

Michael Young

Nolan Reimold

Jose Bautista

Brian Roberts


Jason Varitek

Jamey Carroll

Johnny Damon


  1. Hot damn Butts. You have a mashers lineup to say the least. How Keith beat you with that B-list of pitchers is beyond me.

    I have to say, I'm really enjoying hearing where everyone's minor league affiliates are.

    South Beloit, Kewaskum, Palmyra, and Milton - what bastions of Minor League ball they will become thanks to us.

  2. Boring. Not scared. That's 20 ks a game for me

  3. Pretty good lineup except for that Nolan Reimold guy - he's worthless.

  4. Depends on who is keeping the score sheet Spence, cause I have only one guy in my starting lineup that strikes out a bunch.

  5. 20 Ks per game? What a load of hot air this is. Spence, did you check the K/9 on some of your starters?

    Your best starter, CC has a K-rate of 7.7 per 9. A smidge short of even double digits.

    More glaringly though are Porcello and Blackburn, both in the 4 K per 9.

    Combine that with the fact I'd guess that Mauer and Pedroia probably don't even have a strikeout on their cards, and you'll be lucky to get 10 Ks in a game vs. Butts.

    Hell, even with my boy Verlander at 10+ K/9 I wouldn't make this boast.


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