Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fish @ Spence in AL Season Opener

King Felix Hernandez @ C.C. Sabathia - Game 1

Game 1 @ PTP Pavillion @ Starin Park was a low scoring, pitching heavy affair featuring numerous strikeouts. Spencer started the scoring in the bottom of the 4th as Aaron Hill lead off with a walk. After Average Mexican Juan Rivera singled, Hill scored on Franklin "Gutzz" Gutierrez's RBI-single. 1-0 Spence. Spencer scored 2 more runs in the 8th on a J.D. Mountain Drew Solo Shot and Big Tex RBI-double. 3-0 Spence. CC Sabathia once again bucks the lefty trend and scatters 7 hits over 9 innings.
Spencer wins 3-0.

W- Sabathia CG, 7h, bb, 6k
L - Hernandez CG, 6h, 3er, 3bb, 16k
**Fish's Delmon Young was 3-4 in the loss...

Gavin Floyd @ Edwin Jackson - Game 2

Things got HOT early in Game 2. Chone Figgins struckout to lead off the game, but reached 1st on a passed ball. He was then caught trying to steal 2nd and ejected by the ump for arguing the call. He was replaced by Ian Kinsler. Fish scored in the 2nd on a Kendry Morales RBI-single. He added one more on an Ian Kinsler solo blast in the 5th. 2-0 Fish. Fish added three more runs in the 6th as Ellsbury doubled, Kinsler walked, Erik Aybar RBI-single, and Bob I Must Abreu 2 RBI-double. 5-0 Fish after 6. Spencer would get on the board in the 7th on an Aaron Hill RBI-single. 5-1 FISH. Fish would add 1 more in the 7th on a Kendry Morales RBI-double. 6-1 FISH after 7 innings.

The 8th inning is when the fireworks began. I-Rod led off with a double, scored on J.D. Drew's triple. Drew scored on Longoria's double. Longoria scored on Big Tex's double, Big Tex scored on Aaron Hill's 2-run blast. Tied 6-6 after 8 innings.

Darren Oliver escaped Fish's bases loaded, 2-out jam in the top of the 9th, and Ceasar Izturis singled home Frank Gutz to win in the bottom of the 9th.
Spencer wins 7-6.

W - Oliver IP, 2h
L - Bob Jenks 0.2, 4h, 3er, hr
*Ed. Jackson - 6.0, 7h, 5er, 4bb, 7k, hr
*Gavy Floyd - 7.2, 9h, 4er, bb, 2k

Mark Buehrle @ James "The" Shields

Nothing like a barn-burner to decide Game 3. Fish jumped ahead early in the 1st as a Bob Abreu SAC Fly and Curt Granderson RBI-double put Fish ahead 2-0. A Juan Rivera Solo Blast in the 2nd and a J.D. Drew Solo blast in the 3rd tied thigs up a 2-2 after 3 innings. Fish scored in the top of the 8th on a Bob Abreu RBI-single. Spencer tied it 3-3 in the bottom of the 8th thanks to The Swami Raji Davis second 3B of the game. He scored on a Big Bad Tex double.

Bullpens took us to the 13th inning. A-ROD got his first hit of the series, stole 2nd, Granderson walked and both scored on a Morales RBI-single. Fish leads 5-3. Kerry Wood gets the final 2 outs around 2 walks for the save. FISH WINS 5-3 in 13 innings. SPENCER WINS SERIES 2-1

W - JP Howell at the Moon - 1.1, 3k
L - Terrence & Phillip Hughes - 4+, 5h, 2er, bb, 4k
S - Wood, 0.2, 2bb, k

**Raji Davis was 3-6, 2 x 3B
** Fish 3 team SB in game

Good way to start getting 2 of 3 from Fish. Gets nothing but easier from here on out....


  1. Torto - add:
    JD Drew (spence) to the HR leaders with 2.
    Chone Figgins (fish) with 2 SB.

    Nothing else of significance

  2. Great series Spenc - you got a good squad. If Gay-Rod could have done anything in the series, it might have made somewhat of a difference. I feel really good about my pitching staff, and less good about my bats. Time will tell

  3. Good to see mid-week games happening.

    Great work, guys.

    I feel the league is going to be pretty balanced with the predicted favorites, Fish and Nick, each at 1-2 early. Heck, Keith's in first.

    Anything can happen....

    except for NL games apparently...

  4. Stats updated. I think I'll wait on getting the BA leaders populated until the bulk of us have 9-12 games under our belts.

    At this point, I gotta assume that King Felix is our K leader with 16, unless Keith (who is the only person with multiple starts for their #1) has more.

  5. Other than Niemann outdueling Greinke my pitching has been forgettable at best, obstacles to victory at worst. Bad.

    Butts or Nick - I came away with an extra set of dice Saturday. Probably yours Butts.

    Love games played under the pavillion!!


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