Monday, July 26, 2010

Fish vs Torto, Bug Central

Torto was nice enough swing by Milton Wisconsin on Saturday night for some dice rolling. I'm in the process of replacing the storm doors on the porch, so things got a little buggy as the night progressed, I think Torto got a couple of moths in the face - sorry Torto! The games were well played and close, with the details to follow:

Game 1: Floyd at Bergerson

Torto started the game out quickly with a 1st inning two run home run from Matsui Godzilla. However, not to be out done, his countryman Ichiro Suzuki hit a solo home run in top of the 3rd, stating after the game he found his new team and manager to much more comfortable and suited for his game, all in broken English. Granderson, Posada and Figgons all double in the top of the 4th to take the lead 3-2. However Torto stormed back with a two run home run from Jason "they'll give anybody a Clutch rating" Bartlett. In the top of the 6th, Ian "Gifilte Fish" Kinsler hit a base shot, later scoring on a base shot by Alex Rodriguez. With two walks to lead off the top of 9th, Mr. Sipp gave up those two runs on a bases clearing double by Michael Cuddyer. Joe Nathan closed the game out with his second save on the season.

Fish wins 7-4

Winning Pitcher - Floyd

Losing Pitcher - Bergerson

Save - Nathan

Home Runs




Game 2: Buerhle at Garza

Alex Rodriguez clubbed an early two run home run in the 1st inning, with Lady Gaga in attendance. Adrien Beltre hit a solo home run in the bottom of the 1st - then the bats on both sides went quite for awhile. In the top of the 7th, Paully Konerko scored after he got on base on a fielder's choice - scored on a bases loaded walk by Chone Figgons. The top of the 9th was agin problematic for Torto, Matt Thorton gave up a lead off single to Ellsbury, followed by an RBI double from Posada, triple from Kinsler, and a two run home run from slugger Ichrio. Torto scored two runs in the bottom of the 9th on a two run home run from Morneau. Buerhle went 8 innings, gave up 4 hits, 1 earned run, three walks and four strike outs.

Fish wins 7-3

Winning Pitcher - Buerhle

Losing Pitcher - Garza

Home Runs





Game 3: Feldman at Halladay

Halladay had really great stuff as he scattered 7 hits over his complete game shutout, including 11 strike outs. A lead off double from Jason Bartlett, plated by Matsui in the 1st in all Halladay needed. Torto score another run in the 6th on a solo home run from Sweeney.

Torto wins 2-0

Winning Pitcher - Halladay

Losing Pitcher - Feldman

Home Runs


No injuries to report


  1. Stat worthy notes:

    Chone Figgons - .346 BA (26 AB), Granderson .308 BA (26 AB)
    A Rod - 3 home runs, Ichiro 2 home runs
    Chone Figgons - 6 stolen bases
    Felix Hernandez - 20 strike outs
    A-Rod - 8 RBI's, Abreu - 6 RBI's

  2. Nice concise update Fish - I looked to be offensively challenged in this one (no surprise) but my starting pitching was pretty good. Maybe I need to find one more mighty bat?

    Also of note: Halladay reset the record for consecutive batters retired, with 17, (eclipsing Butler's former record of 16 by some nameless middle reliever).

    Scouting note - all other squads taking on Mr. Fisher, you'd better get your Lead/Steal charts dusted off, you'll be reading them frequently. He's got speed to burn.

  3. My starting 9 has an average base running of 7, and Ellsbury is coming off the bench with a 7 lead, 9 steal and 10 base running. Is it possible to steal first?

  4. Nice series boys. Look at Ichiro, showing some pop!


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