Monday, July 5, 2010

AL Champs - Toppers Breadsticks

I have submitted my AL roster below. You will see the that the captain of my team in Erick Aybar, man of few words - but a man of many blunts, this will keep my team loose. One notable exception to the 25 man roster - Fernando Rodney will be hanging out in South Beloit as his WHIP sucks and he makes his natural home in Detroit Michigan- second worst American city to St. Louis. In his stead will be Kerry Wood - who was clearly chosen because he is white. Here is the roster, in no specific order:

C Figgons
* Captain - E Aybar
B Abreu
A Roid
C Granderson
K Morales
J Porsada
N Markakis
J Ellsbury
J Cust
M Olivo
D Young
P Konerko
I Kinsler

Felix the cat
G Floyd
M Buerhle
S Feldman
AJ Burnett
B Duensing
K Wood
JP Howell
B Jenks
B Fuentes
J Nathan

Minor Leagues:
F Rodney
J Chamberlain
G Matthews JR
L Scott


  1. Nice Fish - Fernando will surely find fun things to do in SoBo, while waiting for the call up.

    Wow - only by looking at everyone else's roster, do I see how woefully under manned I am with batsmen. Ugh.

  2. And the gears of the machine churn steadily on......


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