Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saturday Night's All Right for Rolling - Mini-APD at Casa de Torto?

So Keith and I have made arrangements to roll out an AL series this Saturday evening at my place in West Bend.  We figured we should open it up to the rest of you fine gents in case you weren't busy, and had the itch to keep your season moving forward.  So at any rate, feel free to come on over on Saturday afternoon/evening.  Keith will be arriving around 6:30pm.  I'll provide beer/cocktails, snacks, and generally solid hospitality.  You provide your PTP cards.

Keith, you'll be getting my 2-3-4, righty-lefty-righty (Verlander, Bedard, Bergesen).  I'll admit I get a little extra excited everytime m'boy Verlander gets to climb the mound, due to my man-crush.  So enjoy another Samara Pearlstein original (love her Tigers artwork) showing off JV's triple digit heat.


  1. Torto - considering I've played both you and Keith, I will am not planning on stopping by on Saturday. Have fun and good luck!

  2. Good stuff Torto. You'll see my 5-1-2, all right arms, all the time. Gaudin, Lackey, Beckett - yuck. Verlander is truly a flamethrower - looking forward to it! What up 'Scumtown!!


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