Monday, January 10, 2011

T-minus 120 Hours 'til Draft Day.

The draft is 5 days away.  Awesome.


  1. Good stuff Tort. I am indeed stoked, as I am for every draft (and, actually, simply every weekend). Sweet chest-bump by GW.

    What time will you (and just as importantly) the cards the arriving on Friday? I gotta peep these things.

  2. Not exactly sure yet, but at the latest, I'd like to be there at 5pm. I'm toying with the idea of knocking off work a bit earlier though, so 4-4:30 is not out of the question...

  3. No rush. 5:30 or 6 gives me plenty of time to study-up.

    - Loyal and Eager Daily Blog-Checker

  4. I am checking daily, as well. CAN NOT WAIT for the draft! Also...sounds like we'll have the A.L. pretty much wrapped up by the time the draft hits on Friday night. Just played Fish last night (as Butler) and playing Spencer (as butts) on Friday afternoon. Playoffs could start that night.

  5. The wait is nearly over dudes, only one more day. Mar and I went to the Bucks game last night, and he is pumped as well. I'd expect that my first series of Friday night will be against Butler to finalize the AL season playoff seeding.

    Nick, I trust you implicitly to play as Butler, despite the glaring conflict of interest. Just wanted you to know that.

    Keith - should I not sweep Butts (likely), you and I are going to tango in the first round. Shall we dance this Friday evening?

  6. I think Fish can attest to me playing out Butler's squad in a very professional/respectful manner. Because of this conflict of interest, I was glad the games didn't come down to managerial decisions. Fish took Butler behind the barn in two of the games, winning by ten+ runs.


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