Saturday, January 1, 2011

AL 2009 -- Post-APD Playoff Picture

Well gents - lots of games were played on Friday, in lieu of our highly anticipated NL 2010 draft.  And because of this, our current season is nearly done, and there is some improving clarity in the playoff picture. 

3 teams have completely finished out the 36 game season (Keith, Nick, and Matt).  3 more teams (Fish, Spence, and Torto) have one series remaining, all vs. Butler.  Butler then, by default has 3 series left vs. these 3 teams.

So, at this point, only one team has clinched a playoff spot and guaranteed a record over 0.500 - Keith.  Congrats to Keither on this achievement in a very tight season. 

Spencer and Matt are the only teams formally eliminated from post-season play, as Matt cannot finish at 0.500, the minimum record required to get the #4 seed, and Spencer (even if he wins out vs. Butler) and finishes at 18-18, loses head-to-head tiebreakers vs. Nick, Torto, and Fish.

For Butler to get in, he needs to win some games - 6 could possibly get him in putting him in a tie with Nick for the #4 seed, if he has the runs scored tiebreaker (not sure on that). Win 7 of the remaining 9 and Butts is in.  Simple as that.  Really what it boils down to for our Commish, is that that if he wants to make the playoffs he needs Butler to lose at least 4 games. 

Fish and I need to win at least one game over Butler to clinch a playoff spot.


  1. Wow, really bunched up, NFC West style.

  2. Thanks for the breakdown, Torto. Great work to all on the NPD-action on Friday.

    All that talk of me being "eliminated" was a little premature. that we received our new cards, I'd bet Michael C. is getting right on sending out my Adam Lind duplicate (in the s.a.s.e he requested). If not, Adam Lind is my team's Nick Adenhart.

  3. I should point out that even if Fish or I get swept, there is still a decent chance of us making the playoffs, as I have the tiebreaker with Nick. Nick and Fish tied 3-3 in the regular season, so not sure where the runs scored puts you guys...

  4. I've done the math and Nick has indeed been officially eliminated.


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