Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2009 AL Playoffs Scenario Update

Things are becoming clearer friends, what with Fish's Red Sox recent 2-1 series win over the KC Butler Royals (as played by Nick).  With that series win Fish completed his regular season, sitting at 20-16, one game ahead of Keith, and in 1st place.  More importantly though, he has clinched a playoff slot and at a minimum, the #2 seed.

As a cascade effect, Butler losing 2 of 3 to Fish also clinched a playoff spot for Torto, as my squad holds the W-L record tiebreaker over Nick.  So if Butts sweeps me out on my last series, I still finish ahead of Nick via tiebreaker.  At this point, my Yankees still control their fate.  Sweep Butler, and I am regular season champ and #1 seed.  Win 2 of 3 and I tie Fish in standings, but Fish wins regular season title and #1 seed due to runs scored head-to-head tiebreak (we finished 3-3, but with runs going 24-20, Fish).  If I win 1 of 3 vs. Butts, then I slip to 3rd place and the #3 seed (Keith has me h2h). 

For Butler to get in, he needs to now win at least 5 of his last 6 games (and possibly all six) to hit a 0.500 record and push Nick for the tiebreak.  Nick and Butler split 3-3 this season, so it comes down to runs scored, which I have no idea who wins.  Gents, you'll have to inform us on the winner of that tiebreak, because it may or may not end up to be critical.  From the 3 games posted on this site, its an 11-11 tie...

Basically it comes down to Butts winning lots of  games to get in and steal Nick's all but locked up #4 seed. The law of averages says that the playoffs will probably look like this...

#1 Fish vs. #4 Nick
#2 Keith vs. #3 Torto

...but Butler's team can be deadly with that Jeter-Pedroia-Mauer-Cabrera top 4. Can't wait to see how this shakes out.


  1. For the playoff picture...

    Although I would have to count it up, I think Fish holds a runs-tiebreak over me (based mostly on an absolute battering of Jake Peavy back in August), while I hold a runs-scored tiebreak over Butler.


  2. Your tie-break vs. Fish is irrelevant. But I did enjoy your fantasizing about finishing over 0.500 and tying with him.

    If you hold the tiebreak in runs over Butts, then it will take a him a clean sweep of 6 games now to make it in.

    Will he be driving the boat for the last 6 games, or you? Or someone else?


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