Wednesday, January 5, 2011

End of Mariners A.L. Season

(above) Vicky's Secret model Marisa Miller hangs on every word, sly story and witty joke told by league all-star Michael Wuertz.

At the conclusion of my mediocre season, I have a season of mediocre stats to report. Here are the highlights and low lights:

Lyle Overbay batted .345 in 58 abs
Shin Soo Choo was partially eaten, yet batted .293 in 116 abs
Maicier Izturis batted .291 in 117 abs

Jason Kubel 6
Mark Texiera 4 (combined)

Mark Texiera 28 (combined)
Asdrubal Cabrera 21

Denard Span 8

Jake Peavy and Alfredo Aceves, 4

Michael Wuertz, 7 (see above)


- Adam Lind getting eaten. He batted .270 with three hrs in 89 abs

- Marco Scutaro batted .165 in 127 abs

- Zack Greinke was 1-3 before being traded and Scott Baker finished at 2-4

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  1. Boring.

    Philosophically speaking, is it even worth playing if you finish 0.500? I say this knowing full well that Butts could sweep me out, leaving me to the same fate. Don't answer - its a rhetorical question (and of course its still worth it!)

    Seriously though, I like the statistical highlights/lowlights idea. I think I will have a post like this after I finish the season out. I have some fun bad stats to share as well. Justin Morneau-for-4, I'm looking in your direction...


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