Tuesday, January 18, 2011

AL Semi-Finals: #2 Torto vs. #3 Keith

Game 1: Lackey @ Verlander

Even with Halladay out, Torto seemingly held the advantage between the opening day aces. Verlander just couldn’t figure my offense out this season, however, evidenced by a series-opening Carl Crawford triple. Torto grabbed a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the first before my offense exploded, scoring 5 in the 2nd (highlighted by a Russell “the muscle” Branyan HR - note the "playoff intensity" in the accompanying photo) to take an early 6-1 lead. Torto’s offense couldn’t produce any runs the rest of the day, as Lackey went the distance.

Keith wins 9-2

Game 2: Beckett @ Bergeson

Once again CC started the game right for Keith, this time with a top of the first leadoff homerun. Keith added runs in the 4th, 6th and 7th, highlighted by a Cliff Pennington 2 RBI double and Matt Wieters solo jack. Torto was only able to muster two runs against Beckett, who went 7 1/3 before turning a 7-2 lead over to the ‘pen.

Keith wins 7-2

Game 3: Garza @ Niemann

This one’s not worth spending much time on. Niemann gave up a run in the 2nd, but bested the combination of Garza and Lyons, who allowed Keith’s team to score in 5 of the 9 innings.

Keith 7-1

Game 4: Snell @ Gaudin

After ending up on the wrong side of three straight blowouts Torto showed some heart, battling hard in a crazy, back-and-forth game. Gaudin was chased after two inning after giving up five. After falling down 5-2 after two, Keith cranked out six runs in the bottom of the 3rd to take an 8-5 lead. Not rolling over, Torto came back with six of his own in the top of the 4th, led by a Morneau Grand Slam. The teams would exchange runs throughout the rest of the game, with Torto coming out at the end with a 14-11 victory.

Torto wins 14-11

Game 5: Lackey @ Verlander

Another amazing game, Torto scored 7 runs in the first behind the strength of an Adrian Beltre Grand Slam. Keith came back with a 2-run Youkilis HR. Torto added three more runs throughout the game but was hammered by 7 run 3rd inning by Keith and a second Youkilis homerun in the 5th. Keith wins a wild one to close out the series.

Keith wins 13-10

All and all, a great series in the midst of a crazy PTP Weekend (but, then again, I might be biased). I was blessed to have Torto’s number throughout the AL season, and certainly didn’t mind missing Halladay in the series. Good work Torto, see you in the NL….


  1. Thanks again for hosting Torto. It was great hanging out with everyone - I had a fantastic weekend.

  2. Definitely was a great weekend. Love hosting at the Tort Fort, would do it every weekend if I could.

    Keith, do you realize that your record against me this AL season was a staggering 9 and 2? That's utter domination. I don't know what it is about your team, but they no how to beat my guys. Great job, and a great season for you so far. But its not done yet, I'm pulling for you to get your championship!

    Roll the way you did against me, and its in the bag.

  3. Oh, I know about the 9-2. Just doing my best to be gentlemanly about it. I know how quick the tables can turn from season-to-season.

    I'll just quickly mention my 3-0 record vs. Verlander and then we'll never talk about it again....


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