Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 Mets Preview or 1986 Revisited?

(above: "honorary" team captains Doc Gooden, Daryl Strawberry and Iron Mike Tyson keeping things light)

Introducing the 2011 New York Mets!

Reasons for impending 2011 success:
  • Platoon-heavy offense mashes righties and obliterates lefties with both high OBP and power to spare.
  • Rotation features strong-armed veterans mixed with strikeout-happy youngsters. All righties...don't bahleed the lefty hype, yall!
  • Bullpen's as good as it gets without the names. Cards are sick, yall!
  • A legacy of league dominance and unmatched managerial intelligence, evidenced by a 2009 NL championship and seven other playoff appearances.
Geo Soto

Ryan Doumit

---First Base---

Prince Fielder
Erik Hinske

---Second Base---

Omar Infante/Placido Polanco

Jeff Baker

---Third Base---
Placido Polanco/David Wright


Starlin Castro

---Left Field---

Chris Heisey

Alfonso Soriano

---Center Field---

Carlos Gonzalez

---Right Field---

Andre Ethier

Logan Morrison

Roy Oswalt

Tommy Hanson

Vicente Padilla
Ian Kennedy

Barry Enright/Homer Bailey


Stephen Strasburg

Kyle McClellan

Clay Hensley

Santiago Cassilla

Wilton Lopez


Luke Gregerson


Paul Janish - IF

Seth Smith - OF

H.C. Contreras - RP

Homer Bailey/Barry Enright - SP


  1. That right there is a pretty good-looking squadron. I'm trying to pick something to make fun of, but there's not much there to ridicule. Vicente Padilla will do just fine, I guess.

  2. Awesome honorary cap'n's to be sure.

    Curious as to how you have Enright and Baily listed as your 5th starter AND in the minors. Make a decision.

    Over/under on the # of unearned runs Starlin lets cross the plate? PTP charts indicate that 25 Error rating means that 85 percent of the time, the SS will be getting the old E-6...

    I'll go with 7.

  3. Castro has played three games and has three errors. I think I may be tweaking the lineup now, though, and trying Infante over there instead.

    I wasn't sure who to start as my number 5 when I posted earlier, but now I am. My #5 is Homer Bailey. Enright and his red-head were demoted. A 25 error number at short aint nuthin to f with, yall!


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