Sunday, July 3, 2011


(A sign of things to come for opposing pitchers from Captain Kevin Youkilis.)

OREGON, WI - Being five years removed from his only World Series Championship, Scarlet Stockings

General Manager Spencer Rockwell had a simple goal going into the 2011 AL PTP Fantasy Draft.

" Draft the best player available", Rockwell said early Sunday morning as he shoved a McDonalds Bacon Egg & Cheese Bagel into his mouth.

"I can't control who drafts whom, and now we have Fish auto-drafting for Mario, that's another monkey wrench in the mix", he added. I will draft the best players available that meet our team's needs in that particular round." " If a sick closers card is available early, I may reach for him", he chimed in, referring to reliver Joaquin Benoit.

Rockwell had prided himself for years a superb defensive drafter and by the sound of it, defense is once again the main priority. "Of course we will empasize defense with the AL players.", he quirped. "Defense is down across the board defensively in the AL, this makes having a solid defense behind our staff that much more important.


C-Alex Avila

C-Benji Molina

1B - Mark Texiera

2B - Brian "Bip" Roberts

SS - Yunel Escobar

SS - Derek Jeter

3B - An A-Bomb for A-Rod

OF - Austin Jackson

OF - Nick Markakis

OF - Adam Jones

DH - Kevin Youkilis

OF - BJ Upton

UTIL - Nicky Punto

SP - Clifford Lee

SP - Clayford Buchholz

SP - Matthew Garza

SP - Daniel Haren

SP - Jeffery Neiman

SP - Edwin Jackson

SP - Brett Cecil

RP - Matt Guerrier

RP - Scott Downs

RP - Jason Berkken

RP - Christoph Perez

RP - Joaquin Benoit


  1. I must admit I like this team. A nice blend of defense, power, and AVILA!

    That 'A-Bomb for A-Rod' call is the WORST in baseball though.

  2. Again. Defense was the overriding factor on selecting these guys. I hope that I get some good rolls, unlike in last years AL season when I was rolling constant 620s and 800s.


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