Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2010 NL Season - Playoff update, Car-Go MVP rebuttle, etc.

Will Zimmerman get the call and be announced league MVP?
In all the excitement and hoopla surrounding the now completed 2010 AL draft, some NL regular season stuff got accomplished as well.  Spence whipped Goldy 3-0 (see his post below).  But before that, Goldy gave Carlo's limping team a kick down the stairs as well, taking all 3 at the Crowne Plaza hotel bar.

What does that mean for playoffs?  It means Fish, Torto, and Spence are IN as the #1, 2, and 3 seeds respectively.  It also means that Mario still has an outside shot at getting in as the #4 seed over Nick.  Mar has 14 wins and 9 games left.  That means he needs to win 7 of his last 9 to get in.  With 6 remaining against Carlo, and 3 vs. Spence - it is still in the realm of possibility.

Now on to more important matters, namely the ridiculous plug of Carlos Gonzalez as the NL season MVP.  It's nice that Nick is excited about his players, and Car-Go is a dynamic athlete to be sure, but the true MVP crown is probably best handed to my Marlin's own, Ryan Zimmerman.  A stellar defender, Zimmerman finished the regular season 1/1000th of a point behind Car-Go in BA, but has more HRs (8) and leads the league in RBI (39).  All that on a highly competitive team, that finished only a game out of first in the regular season.  Case closed.

***FYI*** Spencer currently has Carlo's cards, and the current rotation is 2-3-4 (Kershaw-Arroyo-Dempster)for the next series, and 5-1-2 for the final (Nolasco-Lincecum-Kershaw).***


  1. I do NOT have Carlo's cards.

    I DO have Goldy's cards though, if anyone wants to auto-play his last 3 games vs. Spencer

  2. My bad Spence - I still have Carlo's cards, and should probably deliver them to Nick. The Mar-Car 6 game series should take place at some point.

  3. Zimmerman kinda looks like Tony Romo.


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