Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random Thoughts...


1. As fun as PTP is, the backbone of the league - in my mind - are APD's. As much as I enjoy getting together to roll a series over a couple of beers, its the constant banter, 11am buzz and chaos of an APD that really trips my trigger. I know summer's tough, but a Tort Fort weekend is in order..in September if we can't make it happen sooner.

2. I received money from Torto, Fish and Spencer for the AL. If you still owe me $10 please plan on bringing it the next time I see you. As "league treasurer," I am authorized to hunt you down and kill you if payment is not received prior to my playoff elimination (it happens blindingly fast, I must warn you).

3. Looks like Youks is up to some of his old tricks again. Check this out if you haven't seen it already: http://www.onionsportsnetwork.com/articles/kevin-youkilis-puts-signup-sheet-for-threesome-in,20894/


  1. I can't agree with Keither more. APDs rule.
    That Youkilis article is disgusting, disingenuous, lacking of good taste, and downright fucking funny. Youkilis' new nickname may be "4FT erection"

  2. APDs DO RULE!




    How about the weekend of Sept. 10th??? Saturday or Sunday...

  3. A Tort Fort APD is eminent, just not sure when - my work schedule for August and September is going to be brutal. I'm out for that weekend of Sept 10th - Minneapolis trip that weekend.

    Hopefully Youk signed up Jon Lester. Chicks dig cancer recovery stories.


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