Friday, July 15, 2011

Big Bad Tex......Hmmmmmmmmmmmm! Nick @ Spencer AL

(Big Bad Tex flips his bat after hitting his GW-HR off of Neftali Feliz)

Nick and Keith visited the new Casa de Rockwell for some AL action. Here's what happened:

Felix Hernandez @ Cliff Lee

In a battle of the Top 2 pitchers taken in this years draft, Lee and King Felix locked horns at Fenway. Nick scored first in the 2nd inning as Jason Bartlett singled home Luis Valbuena. (1-0 Nick) It was after this run that Cliff Lee struck out 9 of the next 12 hitters he faced.

The game remained 1-0 Nick until the 9th when Nick scored a *cough cough* "bunted" home an insurance run as Bartlett picked up his 2nd RBI. The baseball gods must have been watching Nick cheap his way to a victory the bottom of the 9th, with two outs, Hernandez beaned The Youkilis Monster, and Big Tex tied things up with a 2-run bomb. (2-2)

We head to extras................

Top of 11: Shin-Shoo Choo singled home Wil Betemit and again, Nick bunted home a run with Bartlett.....again, just shoving it in the face of the baseball gods. Nick leads (4-2)

Bottom of 11: With Hernandez pulling some gangta shit and pitching in the 11th he got Action Jackson to fly out. King Felix then walked A-Rod and was pulled for Neftali Feliz. Feliz walked The Youkilis Monster to face Big Tex. Big Tex then smacked a GW-3 run bomb jack to win the game, as the baseball gods celebrated real baseball. SPENCER WINS 5-4 in 11.

*Both Lee and Hernandez went 10.1 innings and picked up no decisions

W - Edwin Jackson 0.2, H, 2W

L - Nerf Feliz 0.0, w, h, HR, 2er

Game 2 Shawon Marcum @ Clay Bucholtz

Having been emotionally spent from the first game's dramatics, Spencer's offense went nigh-nigh. Marcum pitched a CG, 3-hit shutout as Nick wins 6-0. Thome and Big Papi went back-to-back in the 7th. Spencer was, seriously, rolling either 970s and up or double zeros. Brutal rolling on my part.

W - Marcum CG, 3h, 1w, 10K

L - Bucholtz 7.0, 6er, 8h, 5w, 5k, 2hr

Game 3 Zak Greinke @ Matthew Garza

Spencer scored first as BJ Upton (replacing the already benched Action Ausin Jackson) led off with a solo bomb. Spencer would add two more in the 3rd as Nick beaned Nick Markakis with the bases loaded and walked Big Tex with the bases loaded.

Nick tied the game in the 5th with RBI's from Choo and Brett Gardner, but a solo HR from Yunelly the Fly Felly Escobar and AN A-BOMB from A-ROD in the 6th and 7th innings sealed the deal as Joaquin "Phoenix" Benoit closed the door for his first save of the year. Spencer wins 5-3

W - Garza 6.0 3h, 6w, 3er, 6k

L - Dan Bard 2.0, 2h, 2er, w, 2hr

S - Benoit 1.0, h, w, 2k

It was a fun series. At one point "Who's got the nappiest nuts around?" Mike Napoli on three straight ABs, would walk but the "off" on my pitchers card would come into play and he would foul out. Needless to say, Nick was frustrated.



  1. Some great AL pitcher duels have been going down so far this season. Good stuff.

    Already benched A-Jax eh? That's what you get for drafting a leadoff hitter who led the league in K's. Any interest in trading him to me for his Detroit precursor, The Grandy-man? Lemme know.

  2. I'd have to look at that Grandyman card, but I'd think about it.

  3. Great series, rock. Fun times.

    I want to take a league vote on this "off" bidness. I think if you roll that twice in a row, the first is a foul, but the second's gotta be a walk...


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