Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fresh Valencia Oranges!!! $.99 / dozen. Keither @ Spencer

With the series between border rivals, Keith and Spencer, Keither ends his pitiful season, ans Spencer nears yet another playoff berth. Here's the skinny....

Game 1 Phil Hughes @ Cliff Lee

Keither battered around the Big Red Dog as V-Mart and Adam Rosales connected for solo bombs, and chased Lee from the game following an offensive barrage in the 6th that scored three runs for Keither.
Spencer managed just a solo bomb from A-Rod and RBI fielder's choice from Big Tex.

W - Hughes 7.2, 6h, 2w, 2er, 3k
L - Lee 6.0, 7h, 5er, 2w, 8k, 2hr
S - Frasor 1.1, h, w, 2k
HR - Rosales, V-Mart, A-Rod

Game 2 MVP Verlander @ Cla Buchholtz

Ultimate pitchers duel in this one. A-Rod's solo bombjack in the 6th was the only run.
SPENCER WINS 1-0. Bucholtz + Joaquin Benoit + Chris Perez = Keither loss

W - Buchholtz 6.1, 7h, w, 6k
L - Verlander CG, 5H, er, 10k, w
S - Perez 1.0, 2K

GAME 3 Jon Lester the Molester @ Mexican Mafia Garza

Keither scored early and often in the 1st as Garza got walk happy. However, Lester had the yips as well, and gave up three in the bottom of the 1st to tie the game 3-3.
Crack Hamilton hit a solo HR to regain the lead for Keith, but Grandyman answered that with a HR in the 3rd to tie the game at 4-4.
To make a long story short, the game went back and forth into extras. Derek Jeter ended up catching the last couple of innings due to pinch-hitting and an injury to Alexi Avila.
In the 11th, a Derek Jeter throwing error at catcher allowed Da Meat Hooks brother to score the winning run. Danny Valencia had 5 hits for Keither in the game.
KEITHER WINS - 7-6 in 11

W - Bailey
L - Jackson
S - Frasor
HR - Grandyman, Druggy Hamilton

Good series from Keither. My team continues to skid into the playoffs having lost 2 of 3 from Mario and 2 of 3 from Keither now.


  1. Avila is out the final 3 games of the season, but is available for all the playoffs. (Foul Tip off Catcher)

  2. Spence - it would appear that your playing me in the 1st round is now impossible. If you beat Goldy 2 of 3 or better, then you get the 1 seed, for a rematch with Goldy (#4 seed). If Goldy beats you 2 of 3 or better, you fall to the #2 seed and I would fall to #4, as Goldy has tiebreaker over me, and you have tiebreaker over Fish.

    Basically, the matchups are set. It's just a matter of seeding now...

  3. Good to end the season on a high note boys. Also good to remind Spencer every now and again that, as bad as my record might be, he's my bitch.

  4. Torto - thats what I kinda figured after doing all the Mr. Zell Algebra II-type equations and scenarios in my head.
    It's music to my to my ears.

    Torto - take Youkilis off the "corking" list and put Avila on there. He is out the last 3 games of the regular season.


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