Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2010 AL Playoff Picture Update - Clarity thru W-L Tracking

After the big New Year's Eve-Eve APD, we now have a clear playoff picture.  Clear, as in who in IN, and who is OUT.  Here's where we stand:

With Goldy beating Keith 2-1 on Friday night, and his dominance over Nick (winning 4 out of 6), he clinched clinched his first ever playoff spot. Congrats to you sir.
And with Spencer getting his 19th win of the season over Mario (despite losing the series), he clinched a spot as well.   Fish and myself were in prior to any play on Friday.

So what can happen from here?  The seedings are still very much up for grabs.  Spencer can sew up the top seed with 3 more wins, as he holds the tie-break vs. Fish.  Goldy can slide into the #3 seed, if he wins 2 out of 3 vs. Spencer, as he holds the tiebreaker over Torto (3-3 season series tie, but edge in total runs 28-23). 

And for the record, Nick - who kept claiming all evening that this was the first season he ever missed the playoffs, has a short memory.  He first missed the playoffs during the NL 2009 season, with a sub-500 record of 19 and 23.


  1. couple of things here

    1. good to see me at the top of the standings. I need to get away from torto in the playoffs. I need that #1 seed

    2. Keither continues his good one year, bad the next trend. How can a guy be so good and bad in the same year??

    3. With the way my team hits, (.230 AVE) I am dumbfounded at how well I have done. I do have a (.350 OBP) as a team.
    Going through my sheets, it looks like I have a ton of clutch hits, especially with A-Rod.

  2. My responses:

    1) NO! I want another crack at Cliff Lee, I have the hitters to break him!

    2) The answer to this question is, booze.

    3) Was there ever any doubt that OBP is the correct metric when gaging offensive success. Look out now for the new metric on steroids, wOBP...


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