Sunday, February 27, 2011

Marlins get back on track by sweeping up Dodger Stadium

Billy celebrates the 3-game sweep with a sexy rendezvous in the basement storage area of Dodger Stadium
Eager to get back on track after losing 4 of their last 6 to Fish and Mario, my Marlins busted out of their batting slump in a big way.  After hitting just 2 HRs in the last 6 games, I had a feeling my boys were due.  And were they ever, much to Goldy's dismay.

Game 1: J.Cueto @ L.Hernandez
Weird start to game one, as Utley was tossed from the game after arguing a called 3rd strike in the top of the first.  After that, things got ugly early, as Livan 'didn't have his good stuff, giving up 3 in the 2nd, 1 in the 3rd, 4 in the 4th, and 6 in the 5th. **record alert - most ERs given up in a game, 14 in 5 IP**  Not much else to say other than my guys were hitting the ball all over the place, and out of Dodger Stadium.  Ben picked up 3 runs in the bottom of the 6th on a 3-run Jayson Werth HR, but by then it was already 15-3.  Cueto went the distance, despite being tired the last entire inning.  The Marlins bashed 5 HRs in this one (two off the fat deep drive zone of one Ted Lily) - Heyward, Zimmerman, A-Gone, Stanton, and Cueto. Yup Cueto, add another pitcher to our HR archives.  He hit a deep drive down the left field line (with F-power), and had just enough distance to get the rare 'robbed' option to come up.  The left fielder couldn't pull back in, and Cueto circled the bases.
Torto wins 16-3
**pitcher Johnny Cueto hits HR down LF line with 'F' power**

Game 2: J.Garland @ J.Sanchez
The bats settled down a bit for this game, but the Marlins got out to an early lead and never looked back.  A-Gone hit a 2-run jack in the top of the first, but the Dodgers cut that lead in half on a Dick Weeks triple and Jayson Werth RBI-single.  Zimmerman hit a solo shot in the 4th to bring the score to 3-1.  Then in the 6th, with Utley on 2nd and 2-outs, the skipper decided to put A-Gone on the empty base, and take his chances with Big Mike Stanton.  Stanton made him pay with a 3-run blast, boosting the lead to 6-1.  The Dodgers grabbed 2 runs back in the 8th, but it was too little too late, as Mike Adams slammed the door in the 9th.
Torto wins 6-3

Game 3: C.Billingsley @ M.Pelfrey
Another weird start to this one, as Werth got plunked by Billingsley in the bottom of the first and got into it with John Thole.  Benches cleared and both Werth and Thole got ejected.  The Dodgers then jumped on C-Bill, grabbing a 4-0 lead off a solo shot in the 3rd by Dick Weeks, and a base-clearling double in the 3rd by young Chris Young. This would chase Billingsley from the game.  The Marlins cut the lead in half on a junk RBI slow roller in front of the catcher that out 'ranged' him, followed by a sac fly by Jason Heyward.  The top of the 8th rolled around, and Nick Masset walked Ryan Zimmerman.  A-Gone proceeded to lift a deep drive out of the stadium to tie the game 4-4.  Not to be outdone, Mike Stanton proceeded to bash the ball into the seats as well (no deep drive needed for that one).  Lead 5-4, Torto.  Ben was now thoroughly disgusted with my ridiculous rolls all game (rightly so).  The Dodgers made some noise in the 8th after lefty specialist Madison Bumgarner handled the first two lefty bats in front of him, only to give up a single to Melvin Mora.  Nearly leaving Bumgarner in to face lefty basher, Gaby Sanchez, Torto ran out to the mound and handed the ball to Sergio Romo, who proceeded to get Sanchez to ground out, and then sat the 1-2-3 hitters down in the 9th.
Torto wins 5-4
Torto wins series 3-0 

This was one of those series, where it seemed like every other roll I made came up with a red-1.  Tough one for Goldy to sit through, but he soldiered on. 

**Fun with Stats - the Marlin Midpoint**
-Jayson Heyward has walked 26 times already this season, only 10 shy of the all-time record of 36, set by Fish's Barry Bonds.  He also has a 0.455 OBP, while only batting 0.267

-Mike Stanton is batting only 0.211 in 71 AB, but has belted 8 HRs, including 3 time in back-to-back sequences with A-Gone.

-Chase Utley has been picked off 4 times this season, and stole only 1 base

-As a team, only 5 errors committed


  1. Have I now become the new Matty/ Butler when it comes to getting games played? I suck!

  2. That Stanton HR state is recockulous!

  3. All was not lost in this series as I did develop a new friendship whilw getting my ass kicked at Torto's house. His dog Bailey seemed to enjoy my company and spent the majority of the series sleeping on my feet and occasionally popping up to put his head on the table and watch me get killed. So, I may have lost 3 games, but I gained a new canine friend and was provided a complimentary Arby's roast beef sandwich.

  4. Bailey is such a friendly pooch, its too bad he toxified your rolls. Seriously, I haven't seen rolling that bad since Spence in the 2009 NL playoffs where I swept him. He can't roll under 500 when Votto's card comes up to save his life.

    Glad the Arby's Regular Roast Beef softened the blow.

  5. You always have to remind me of that craptastic playoff series, don't you tort.....

  6. I was just trying to come up with a frame of reference! Not rubbing it in at all, when your rolls are bad, they are bad. We've all been there.


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