Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Dickey We Trust - Marlins Sweep the Dodgers Out of Town

Robert Alan Dickey is 3 and 0 this season, with a 0.75 ERA. And his hair was perfect.
Thursday night, plucky league newcomer Goldy, hosted my squad of fighting Marlins at his abode for a mid-week PTP roll-up.  After taking 2 or 3 from Keither, Mr. Goldsworthy was feeling pretty solid about his squad.  By the end of the evening, he was ready to toss me out into a snow bank.  And rightly so, for the rolls were coming up Torto all evening, and every jam/on/off/clutch, etc seemed to go my way.

Game 1:  J.Sanchez @ J.Garland
Things got ugly in this game, as my squad had the eye for pitches out of the strikezone, with Sanchez issuing 8 walks in 3 IP, along with a Ryan Zimmerman 2-run bomb.  With Sanchez out, the walks still kept coming, with a combo of J.A.Happ, O'Flaherty, and Ramon Ramirez issuing another 9 free passes in total.  17 walks in only 8 innings.  Obviously this was the root of Ben's problems, and it led to 9 runs.  Dexter Fowler and Adrian Gonzalez alone each walked 4 times.  With this lead Garland got the win. 
Torto wins 9-4.

Game 2:  M.Pelfrey @ C.Billingsley
A 3-run shot from Dick Weeks in the top of the 2nd got Ben fired up again for a spell, but it was quickly quelled by a Adrian Gonzalez Grand Slam in the 5th, followed up immediately by a Mike Stanton solo HR. A-Gone struck again in the 6th with another homer, this time a 3-run shot.  A 2-run Joey Votto HR came in the 8th, but it was too little, too late.  The A-Gone show carried the game.
Torto wins 9-5

Game 3:  T.Hudson @ R.A.Dickey
With Ben's ace on the mound, the chances of avoiding the sweep seemed likely.  But my crafty knuckleballer, Robert Alan Dickey would have none of it.  Dominant in his first two starts, Dickey picked up right where he left off, scattering 3 hits and 3 walks over 7 innings.  Much to Goldy's dismay, Dickey excercised the 'OFF' early and often, saving himself those pesky leadoff baserunners.  Both pitchers dueled deep into the game, but the 0-0 tie was finally broken in the bottom of the 5th, when Dickey helped his own cause, slapping a 2-out RBI single to score Mike Stanton.  An insurance run was picked up in the 8th, on a Zimmerman RBI single.  Daniel Hudson picked up the hold, and Sergio Romo got the save (albeit rocky again).  
Torto wins 2-0

That sweep marks 6 straight wins for my squad.  Might be about time to come back down to reality.  Fish, when do you want to play?


  1. 10-2 start? D@mn! Nice work, Torto.

    I'd like to add, however, your sweep over me was a sweep in name-only. Next time I see your overachieving squad, its going sweepy in the other direction.

  2. I still have the longest win streak at 11 games, but damn that's a good start Torto.

  3. Good fortune like this always comes to an end. I've already exercised the clutch, jam, on/off, A-1B hit & run to my favor way more than usual. But for now, I'll ride the wave...

  4. This was a rough series. My team blows.


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