Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LADLA Kick Off Inaugural Season With a Series Win

After taking this photo I am going to go out and throw down a sick windmill dunk against the Bucks!
Los Angeles - In the battle for Southern California PTP supremacy, the expansion Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles took two out of three games from the downtrodden San Diego Padres this weekend. The Dodgers (2-1) were thrilled to win their first series of PTP play. "I think we were really helped out by the Padres manager deciding to break open a bottle of wine in the middle of game 2." said rookie Dodgers skipper Ben Goldsworthy. "Plus, the pretzel M&Ms that Mario was serving up really motivated my team." Goldsworthy added. Padres (3-6) manager Keith VanLanduyt declined to comment following the series but was later seen dazed and confused in a local watering hole wearing a newly procured Bud Light hat.

Lets go to the game recaps:

Game 1 - Jimenez @ Hudson
This game was all Ubaldo all the time. A complete game 3 hitter was enough to spur the Padres on to victory. Matt Holliday hit a solo shot and added another RBI to pace the Padres offense. The Dodgers failed to take full advantage of 7 walks issued by Jimenez. The Dodgers looked to tie the game in the 8th after a long shot off the bat of Brian McCann initially looked like a game tying bomb, but was later revealed to be a long fly out thanks to "the jam".
Keith wins 4-2

Game 2 - Kuroda @ Hamels
Lot going on in Game 2 of this series. The Padres jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the top of the second thanks to back-to-back solo shots by Tejada and Davis. The Dodgers countered with a Dick Weeks grand slam in the bottom of the inning. Hamels gave one back after giving up a solo shot to Corey Fucking Hart and was so pissed about it, he decided to get ejected in the bottom of the third after arguing balls and strikes following a strike out. This all happened after Hart committed a 3 base error that allowed in two runs to cap off a 4 run inning. J.A. Happ replaced Hamels and did a good job of holding the Padres down. Fast Forward to the top of the 9th and with 2 outs, Adam Dunn comes to the plate as the tying run for the Padres but K-Rod manages to strike him out, preserving the Dodgers' first victory.
Ben wins 8-5

Game 3 - Farnsworth @ Hernandez
A real pitchers battle here. Farnsworth, with a spot start for the suspended Sanchez, is outstanding. The exact opposite of his real life self. 87 year old Livan Hernandez faced the minimum through 7 innings in his first start of the season. At one point the veteran Cuban, who may be Castro's father, retired 17 batters in a row, tying a SE Wisconsin PTP record. The only run of the game came on a Jason Werth solo shot in the bottom of the 8th. Keith got the first two runners on in the 9th but K-Rod was able to slam the door shut for his second save of the season.
Ben wins 1-0


  1. Funny stuff Goldy. Admittedly, I came in thinking I'd get an easy victory or two from the rook, but looks like you'll hold your own this season. Thank goodness for the elusive "jam" ruling, or I mighta got got.

    That Bud Light hat will look really good on me - if I wear it when I'm drinking wine.

    It makes you feel good to be an American to see someone as ugly as Blake Griffin achieve superstar status. Good for him.

  2. Good recap, and well done winning your first 'real' series. Chances are, you won't be taken lightly again.

    I predict Livan will be deported back to Cuba in a rare 'Bizzare' roll.


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