Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dan Uggla – The Most Timely Hitter in all of PTP - Bad Taste in T-Shirts

Torto at Fish

Game 1
W. Rodriguez at M Latos

Fish jumped out to a 1-0 lead when Carlos Beltran hit a single with the base loaded, scoring Dan Uggla, however Al Pujols was nailed at the plate for the 3rd out (put out by Jason Heyword). From there the bats would be held quiet until the bottom of the 8th when Nyger Morgan singled, Chipper Jones walked, and Colby Rasmus scored Morgan on a base hit; Hanigan then loaded the bases with a walk, and Danny Uggla blew open the doors with a base hit scoring two runs. Sean Marshall surrendered a two run home run to Zimmerman in the top of the 9th, and Billy Wagner came on for a one out save. Fish wins 4-2.
Winning Pitcher – Latos
Losing Pitcher – Rodriguez
Save – Wagner
HR’s – Zimmerman

Game 2
J Cueto at T Wood

Torto scored in the top of the 1st when a fielder’s choice got Fowler on base, then was scored by a Ryan Zimmerman double. In the bottom of the 3rd, Travis Wood had a leadoff double and was scored by Ryan Hanigan to tie the game. In the top of the 5th, four straight batters would get on base: Cueto (FC), Utley (double), Fowler (single and an RBI) and Zimmerman (single and an RBI). The lead was cut to 3-2 in the bottom of the 5th when Hanigan doubled and was scored on a base hit by Uggla. The bottom of the 6th was Torto’s undoing; with the left hander Baumgardner in the ball game, he proceeded to give up back to back doubles (Edmonds and Reyes), and was pulled before retiring a batter. Nyjer Morgan would squeeze in Reyes to take the lead. Marmol would come on to close out the game for a save. Fish wins 4-3.
Winning Pitcher – Franklin
Losing Pitcher – Baumgardner
Save – Marmol

Game 3
J Garland at C Silva

Pitching would again be at a premium in this game. With the usual early exit by Silva in the second (he had to go eat lard and Keith’s coleslaw in the clubhouse) the game was turned over to Peralta. Mike Stanton would make Peralta pay in the top of the 4th, with a two run home run. On the next batter, Peralta’s arm stiffened up on him and was put on the shelf for 10 games. Dan Uggla would come back in the bottom of the frame to hit a solo home run. He would hit another solo home run in the bottom of the 6th to tie the score. The score would remain tied until the top of the 9th when Thole walked and Castillo tripled off of Billy Wagner to take the lead. Bliele came on for the save in the 9th. Torto wins 3-2.

Winning Pitcher – Romo
Losing Pitcher – Wagner
Save – Bliele
HR’s – Stanton, Uggla (2)
Injuries – Peralta 10 games
Dan Uggla Stole Paynter's Shirt!


  1. Torto - Stats Update:
    Hanigan (28AB) .357
    Morgan (28AB) .321
    C. Jones (30AB) .300
    Reyes (37AB) .297
    Edmonds (27AB) .296

    HR - Uggla - 4
    RBI's - Uggla - 13
    Runs - Uggla - 7

    Cain - 2
    Latos - 2
    Marmol - 3

    Marmol - 3

    Cain (17 IP) - 0.53
    Latos (13 IP) - 2.77
    Wood (12.1) - 3.6

  2. Dan Uggla can blow me. Seriously though, good stuff Fish - I enjoy how you always manage to spell players names wrong (Nyger Morgan, Jason Heyword, Chone Figgons - its almost endearing, IF it didn't indicate that you won the series, and are penning the write-up.

    I went into this series knowing you had good pitching, but didn't realize it was THAT good. The Latos and Wood cards are for real (Ryan Franklin is not), and they were the difference. It was fun to see Castillo steal that last game from you, seeing as he's one of 'your guys'.

    I'll get you next go 'round at Land Shark/Sun Life Stadium!

  3. Hey, Torto. Don't throw rocks when you live in Roy "Oswaldt's" glass house. See stats...if you still have questions, talk to Keith...he loves him.

    That shirt is brutal, yet I can see a theme for an APD developing. Everyone has to wear a paynter/graham-type shirt. Fun.

  4. See stats? Does Oswalt (sp?) have any stats even worth mentioning? He can go take his bulldozer and pound sand.

    When you've had your name misspelled as much as I have, I'm entitled to misspell a name once in awhile.


    John Tortotramosi

  5. Fish has been spelling Shawon Figgons' name anyway he damn well wanted to for about the last five years. He's probably won multiple PTP batting titles (by bunting, only, of course).

    that's all...I'm out


    Nikolas Ewald

  6. My biggest problem is incorrectly spelling a word that is actually another word. Typically, it does not get picked up by spell check.

    My other problem is my brain is thinking way faster than my fingers can type, so I will often omit words or spell things wrong because I'm onto the next phrase.

    Beyond that - I can draft and play PTP well.

    Scott Fischer

  7. It looks like uggla is trying to be either: A) Ronnie from Jersey Shore or B) Butler at the mad boar.

    Spenser Roqwel

  8. This is one of those rare times I actually wish I knew something about Jersey Shore, or what the cast members looked like.

    Ah well. Anyways, to put a lid on this,like I said Fish, its almost endearing to see you call Figgins whatever you please as you continuously pummel us season after season.

  9. Torto wears shirts like that to work on Friadays.


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