Monday, August 9, 2010

Keith vs Fish: Speed vs Speed

Keith and I also shook some dice while enjoying premium Busch Light in Spring Green. Pitching dominated the series.

Game 1 - Washburn vs King Felix
Both pitchers had their good stuff, with Washburn facing the minimum through 6 innings. In the top of the 6th, Keith got on the board with run scoring double from Morales. A run was scored in the bottom of the 7th when Ellsbury lead off the inning with a base shot, stole second, and scored on a double from Kinsler. In the bottom of the 8th, the new and improved power hitting Ichiro Suzuki hit a go ahead two run home run. Hernandez closed out the complete game, with an impressive stat line of 9 innings, 5 hits, 1 earned run, 1 walk and 6 strike outs.

Fish Wins 3 -1
Winning Pitcher - Hernandez
Losing Pitcher - Washburn
Home Runs - Ichiro

Game 2 Niemann vs Feldman
Slow start by both team until the bottom of the 3rd, when Abreu led the game off with a double, Niemann then walked the bases loaded (walking Figgons and Aybar), and Ichiro hit a two run base hit, plating two runners. Keith scored in the top of the 5th Crawford base shot/ stolen base combo, scoring on a Nick Markakis single. An insurance run was scored in the 8th on a Paul Konerko sacrifice fly - and Joe Nathan came in and closed the door in the 9th.

Fish Wins 3-1
Winning Pitcher - Feldman
Losing Pitcher - Neimann
Save - Nathan

Game 3 - Gaudin vs Buehrle
A wild one in Game 3 - Polanco scored AJ Pierenski on a two out triple. In the bottom of the second, the first ever steal of home was accomplished by none other than Jorge Posada. However, in doing so, injured himself for 8 games as well as injuring AJ Pierenski for 2 games as well. In the bottom of the 3rd, Paul Konerko hit a solo home run to make the lead 3-1. However, Keith came back in the top of the 8th, scoring 2 runs on Josh Hamilton 2-run homer, tying the game and sending it into extra's. Keith took the lead on singles from Youklis, Morales, and Wetters in the top of the 10th. The score was again tied in the top of the 10th on a solo home run from Bobby Abreu. Keith would take the lead for good with a solo home run from Youklis in the top of the 12th.

Keith Wins 5-4
Winning Pitcher - Camp
Losing Pitcher - Jenks
Home Runs - Konerko, Hamilton, Abreu, Youklis

Series MVP - Ichiro
Ichiro's line - 6 for 13, 5 RBI's, 1 home run


  1. Torto - Stats update:
    Batting Average - Figgins .426, Ichiro .308
    Home Runs - Ichiro 3
    RBI's - Ichiro 12
    Stolen Bases - Figgons 9, Ichiro 4, Abreu 2, Ellsbury 2
    Strike outs - Felix 26
    Saves - Joe Nathan - 3
    Posada out 7 remaining games

  2. The cream rises to the top...yet again. I will likely be on PTP hiatus for a couple of weeks - somebody sweep Fish for me, will ya?


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