Sunday, August 1, 2010

Keith @ Torto: The Role Players Step Up

Torto and I tangled for a series in West Bend last night. Delicious pizza, several beers and some quality baseball all went down. Here's the skinny....

Game One: Gaudin @ Verlander

The game started with a tone-setter; after Crawford singled in his first at-bat, the league leader was picked off trying to steal second. There would not be a steal the entire series (although Torto reciprocated by getting a pinch-runner picked off in Game 3). Verlander spent most of the game frusterating the Baltimore batters, holding them scoreless through five before Youks knocked in Crawford for Baltimore's first score. Meanwhile, Torto's Yankees were sporadically knocking in runs, thanks to RBI's from Robbie Cano in the 3rd, Ryan Sweeney in the 4th and a 2-run double by Jason Bartlett in the 6th. Still, despite the lead, the Yanks continued to leave ducks on the pond, leaving the game within reach at 4-1 heading into the top of the 7th. It was at this point Nick Markaris blasted a Grand Slam to give Baltimore the lead, with additional drama provided by his "clutch" rating neutralizing Verlander's "jam."

"That was the turning point in the series," Torto would later reflect.

Crawford and Markakis would add RBI's in the top of the 9th as Frasor and Rivera allowed Keith to gratefully escape with the win.

Keith wins 7-4
WP J. Frasor
LP J. Verlander
S M. Rivera (3)

Game Two: Lackey at Bedard

This game would prove to be a pitcher's duel, as Keith's ace faced the immensely talented and disturbingly frail Erik Bedard. Lackey would have his best performance of the season to date, scattering five hits over eight innings and registering 11 K's. Bedard and, later Lyon, would pitch well for Torto, giving up only 2 runs on Jack Wilson RBI's in the 2nd and the 4th, respectively. That would prove to be the difference in the game, however, as Mariano came in the finish Lackey's gem to earn his 4th save.

Keith wins 2-0
WP J. Lackey
LP E. Bedard
S M. Rivera (4)

Game Three: Beckett @ Bergeson

Whereas the offense in game two came from an extremely unlikely source - Jack Wilson - the offense in game three came from the large-headed Placido Polanco. Polanco knocked a two-run HR in the bottom of the third, and drove in Morales and Pennington in the bottom of the 4th with a two-out double. Beckett picked up where Lackey left off, limiting the impotent Yankees to eight hits over 7.1 and ringing up 9 K's. Ryan Raburn knocking in Maggs Ordonez in the bottom of the 9th was the only thing preventing Torto from being on the wrong end of a couple of shutouts to close out the series.

Keith wins 4-1
WP J. Beckett
LP B. Bergeson


  1. Just a couple of stat updates as a sidebar. Youks has dropped out of the BA race (for now). He picked up one more RBI (19). Vlad, Crawford did not improve their RBI or steal totals.

    Pitching has picked up a bit, with Beckett now at 24 K's on the year, and Lackey at 20 (they've also each had 3 starts). Mariano has 4 saves on the year. Strangely, Jason Frasor - my setup man - has 3 wins on the year.

  2. Well played games gents, it appears that Keith has drafted himself a squad this AL season. It sounds like the ever boring Nick Markaris was nothing but in this series, I would not have seen that coming against Verlander. You better get ahead of Keith with Riveria in 8th and 9th.

  3. Nice series update Keith. I sense a very disturbing trend on my team. Solid starting pitching, shakey bullpennery, and non-existent offense. I'm ready to trade some arms for bats guys... anyone? Anyone?

    Here are some other interesting tidbits from our series that were left out:

    1) My leaving a 2-HR off-the-board in Game 1 by hitting and running with Maggs Ordonez.

    2) My oldest son Jax getting a nasty shock from the radio that my 3-year old, Jace, had decided to spray with a squirt gun. Keith truly got to experience the chaos that is my life with 2 boys running around.

    3) My supreme inability to roll any hits back to back at all. Ugh.

    4) Mr. Tradebait, Keith, not really willing to deal with my club (probably wisely) in terms of trade.


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