Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Karate Kid Part VI: Spencer @ Matty (Jacobs Field)

Game 1 Nick Blackburn @ Jon Lester

This series had everything: Extra innings, late game heroics, dominant pitching, 10 hit-by-pitches, a huge injury, a suspension and a bizarre featuring the picture above. Here's what happened....
After taking an offensive dump vs Nick, Spencer's team looked to take out his frustrations on Nick's older, wiser and better softball hitting older brother and he came out rolling to start the game.

Top of the 1st: Raji Davis singled, he scored when #2 hitter, Average Mexi Juan Rivera, went Yardo Marx...... 2-0 Spencer

**2nd Inning: In response to Juan Rivera admiring his HR from home plate, Jon Lester decided to plunk Frank Gutierrez, and the benches cleared!!! While in the scuffle, Frank Gutierrez nailed Jon Lester with a spiked cresent kick to the chest. Gutierrez was suspended for an additional 3 games (1 left) and Jon Lester (pussy) will just miss his next start. Scotty Podz relpaced Gutz in the lineup.

Nick Blackburn retaliated in the bottom of the 2nd by plunking Gordan Bacon, then allowed just five baserunners until the 7th inning...
Bottom of 7: Vic Martinez sigled to lead off. Blackburn walked Carlos Pena and Gordan Bacon to load the bases. Elvis Andrus' SAC made it....2-1 Spencer

Bottom of 8: A Brett Gardner leadoff single was followed by Ben Zobrist looking smug, so new pitcher Phil Hughes plunked him. Nelson Cruz RBI single made it... 2-2 TIE

Top of 10: A Big Tex single led to a J.D. "Dr" Drew 2-run jack off Andrew Bailey Spencer leads 4-2

Bottom of 10: Matty answered right back as Billy Butler drove in a pair with a single off of Darren Oliver.....TIED 4-4

Top of 13: JD Drew led off with a single and scored the winning run, as Hall-of-Famer Pudge Rodriguez smacked a triple off of Craig Breslow. SPENCER WINS 5-4 in 13 innings.

W-Darren Oliver 3.1IP, 2h, w, k, er
L - Craig Breslow 1.0IP, 2h, er

GAME 2: C.G. Sabathia (get it CG?) @ Ryan Rowland-Smith

Before the game, CC Sabathia told the media he wants to pitch every inning he starts this inning. Manager Spencer Rockwell responded, " Fine with me."

Top of the 1st: Scotty Podz scored on an Evan Longoria single...1-0 SPencer
Bottom of 2: Brett Gardner's RBI double scored Gordan Bacon, who also doubled....2-1 Spencer

Top 5: Things broke open here as Eva Longoria plated two with a double, then scored on a Benny Hill RBI single....Spencer leads 4-1

Bottom of 7: Bill Butler led off with a walk and scored on Gordan Bacon's 2nd double...Spencer leads 4-2.

CC Sabathia, is getting his wish as he pitched his 3rd CG in 3 starts. SPENCER WINS 4-2

W-Sabathia CG, 6h, 2er, 4w, 11K
L - Rowland-Smith 6IP, 7h, 4r, 3er, 2w, 3k

Game 3: Edwin Jackson @ Scott Kazmir


Bottom of 2: Nelson Cruz hit a 2-run bomb, four batters later Kenji Johjima hit a 2-run sayonnara...4-0 Matty

Top of 3: Evan Longoria knocked in two on a double...4-2 Matty
Top of 7: Two HBP, a BB, and two RBI-singles from Scotty Pods and Evan Longoria made it......4-4 TIE

Things got ugly in Top of the 8th: kelly Shoppach led off with a solo bomb. Cesar Izturis hit a triple, Raji Davis hit a RBI-single, Scotty Pods singled, Longoria hit a bases clearing double, Tex de Grande with a RBI-single, Jerry Hairston walked.....9-4 Spencer

Tim Wakefield was fluttering and brilliant, as he replaced an ineffective Ed Jackson (3IP, 4er) to pick pick up the win. SPENCER WINS 9-4 SPENCER SWEEPS 3-

W- Wakefield 5.0IP, 3h, 3w, 2k
L- Mijares 2.0IP, 7h, 2w, 2 hbp, 7er
Evan Longoria 3-5, 2x2B, r, 5RBI

Very fun series featuring a total of 11 HBPs...


  1. Torto, some stats for you

    Longoria .373(19-51)
    C. Izturiz .320 (16-50)
    J. Rivera .306 (15-49)

    Aaron Hill, Juan Rivera, JD Drew (3)

    Aaron Hill (11)
    Longoria (9)
    Rivera (8)

    Rajai Davis (4)

    Sabathia (26)

    Phil Hughes (1)

  2. Nicely done Mr. Rockwell. You rebounded from Nick's sweep of you in the best possible way.

    Where was this "huge injury" though? Lester for 1 start is definitely significant, but 'huge'? Butts losing Braden for over half the season - that was huge.

    Stats and standings updated. Hadn't seen anything from our beloved Commish in a while on the standings, so I just went ahead and did them myself. Hopefully he won't slap my hands for overstepping my bounds...


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