Sunday, September 12, 2010

Keith @ Nick: NL Baseball in the AL

Nick and I hooked up this past weekend for a three-game showdown. Here’s what transpired…

Game One: Lackey @ Baker

A surprisingly well-pitched game gave this one the feel of a National League game. Nick got things started in the bottom of the 3rd with a Mike “Who’s Got the Nappiest Balls of All?” Napoli solo jobber, followed up by a Choo RBI double. Youks cut the lead in half in the top of the 4th, answering Napoli with a leadoff solo jack. Things stayed quiet until the top of the 8th, when a Adam Jones leadoff double chased Baker from the game. Nick called in Darren “All Day, Errry Day” O’Day, who apparently earned his nickname by blowing games all day, every day. A Crawford triple, Youks single and Kendry Morales bomb before the inning ended gave Keith the 5-2 lead, and the win.

Keith Wins 5-2
W – J. Frazor
L – O’Day
S – M. Rivera

Game Two: Beckett @ Hunter

Nick once again grabbed an early lead courtesy of a Kubel RBI double driving in Choo in the bottom of the first. The lead would not last long, however, as RBIs by Polanco and Vladdy in the 3rd and provided Keith with a 2-1 lead. A big 6th inning for Keith, highlighted by a Matt Wieters three run home run, gave Keith some breathing room and a 6-1 lead. Nick would mount a comeback with a Cabrera RBI triple in the 7th and a two run bombski by Jason Kubel in the bottom of the 9th. Not enough though to overcome Beckett’s performance, who struck out eight in 8 strong innings.

Keith Wins 6-4
W – Beckett
L – Hunter
S – J. Bulger

Game Three: Washburn @ Pavano

Nick, getting a bit frustrated with his pitching at this point, pulled Pavano after only facing four batters – during which he managed to give up two runs on Markakis and Youkilis RBI’s. The strategy worked, as Aceves, Francisco and Wertz combined to hold Keith scoreless the rest of the game. A two run homer by Izturiz in the 3rd, a sac fly by Scutaro in the fourth, an RBI double by Adam Lind in the 7th and another RBI double by Cabrera in the 8th would allow Nick to eliminate any possibility of being on the wrong end of a sweep.

Nick Wins 5-2
W – Aceves
L – Washburn
S – Wertz
Keith wins series 2-1.


  1. Nice to see someone finally playing some games. Keith - you just keep on racking up the wins, well done.

    I heard a rumor that Carlo and Fish were going to finish up their NL playoff matchup, but heard nothing on results. Anybody know anything?

  2. I believe they split two games Tort, and a extra inning Dan Haren shoulder-grabber was involved. I think Fish leads 3-2.

    Have I mentioned how cool this cabin-thing is? Now, to get some time off from the Warden....

  3. Wow - I can't believe how long this Playoff series is taking. At least 3 separate meetings to finish it out.

    The cabin should be pretty ideal for all kinds of future activities. Can't wait until its ready to entertain guests.


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