Monday, August 9, 2010

Fish vs Nick - Spring Green PTP

Games got played while we were celebrating the last days of Keith's life - I mean continued marital bliss. The first series Nick and I locked horns, and Chone Figgons showed why he is a legitimite MVP canidate:

Game 1 - Peavy at Burnett

In the battle of hard throwing righties, both offenses got started early. Nick took a 1-0 lead in the top of the first with a Span base shot, stealing second, and was plated Adam Lind. My team rallied quickly in the bottom of the first with base shots by Figgons and Aybar, both scoring on a Ichiro all scoring double. In the bottom of the second, Hebrew National Hot Dogs Ian Kinsler hit a two run bomb over the Green Monster, making the score 4-1. Peavy, "not having his good stuff," surrendered three more runs in the bottom of the 4th, with Abreu scoring on a Figgon base hit, and Ichiro hitting another two run double. My guyz were not done with Peavy yet, as 4 more runs were scored in the bottom of the 5th, with usual suspects like Abreu, Posada, Kinsler and Figgons all scoring, mostly on a two out, two run triple from Erick Aybar. AJ Burnett didn't need all the support that he got, as he went the complete game - stat line as follows: 9 inning, 7 hits, 1 earned run, 2 walks, 10 strike outs.

Fish wins 12-1

Winning Pitcher - Burnett

Losing Pitcher - Peavy

Home Runs: Kinsler, Posada

Game 2 - Duensing vs Baker

Brian Duensing had a spot start with Hernandez out for two more games, and he had a rough 1st and 2nd inning. 3 base hits in the top of the 1st, with Izturis scoring on a Choo base hit started things for Nick's squad. Izturis had a run scoring double in the top of the second to make the score 2-0 bad guys. In the bottom of the second, Kinsler and Figgons were on base when Erick Aybar scored both of them. The bottom of the 6th featured an Ichiro double and was score on an A-Rod single, which made the score 3-2 Fish. Nick tied the game in the top of the 8th Cabrera scored on an Izturis base hit; key point in the game, the third base coach sent Swisher home on the play as well and was gunned down by Bobby "I must" Abreu, proving costly for Nick's squadran. The game went into extra's and was put to rest when Ichiro had a base hit in the bottom of the 11th, then promptly stole second, and was scored on a double by Curtis Granderson.

Fish wins 4-3

Winning Pitcher - Wood

Loosing Pitcher - Wertz

Home Runs - None

Game 3 - Hunter vs Floyd

Nick's offense was again quick to get on the scoreboard, with thee consecutive singles from Span, Overbay and Choo. The run was quickly answered in the bottom of the 1st when Figgons lead off the game with a single and was scored on a Erick Aybar double. Nick literaly walked all over Floyd in the top of the 5th, when Floyd walked four consecutive batters and scored 3 runs in the frame. Olivo hit a two run job in the bottom of the 5th for the home team, however there was no more offense to speak of from my team. Gabe Kapler had a West Bend insurance run in the top of the 9th hitting a double to left.

Nick Wins 5-3

Winning Pitcher - Aceves

Losing Pitcher - Floyd

Home Runs - Olivo

Series MVP - Figgons

Figgons line - 6 for 13, 5 runs scored


  1. I already apologize for the spelling mistakes. Forgot to hit spell check

  2. Figgins. Figgins. Spell check can't help you there.

  3. Good series, Fish. Boy oh boy, Jake Peavy was battered about.

    Torto...some stats for the leaders etc.

    My 2-5 hitters are all hitting under .200 at this point. Brutal.

    On the positive side, however...

    Asdrubal Cabrera is batting an even .400 through nine games and 35 ABS. Two steals to boot.

    Maicier Izturis is hitting .316 through 38 abs.

    Lyle Overbay is batting .385 in 26 abs.

    Denard Span has 4 steals.

    Mike Wuertz has two saves.


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