Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This guy had the best all time winning percentage in the regular season - why the nervous grin?  Does he know what is coming in the playoffs?


  1. The nervous grin may come from his raw fear of my lineup's massive HR power that can steal a game from you in a heartbeat.

    That or he's worried that won't get to draft that Mike Trout card.

  2. I feared this silly pic would get "google-image and re-posted" at some point...surprised it took this long...argh...good work Fish

    no nervous grin...just the look of confidence...

    Also...Torto...we usually do reverse order for the AL and a random order for the NL. I would assume we are going to start things fresh and random in a new season (i.e. there would still be hope for a Trout Fishing trip to the drafting table). We can vote on that though...

  3. I love the picture - completely unnatural grin by Nick. It would seem as though he was just told the he will likely face Fish in the first round of the playoffs - and he was the favorite. Surprised he is not tugging at his collar at the same time

  4. I was actually asking the pic-taker if I could move away from the "diversity quilt"...it clearly clashes with my nice, coordinated blue suit action.


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