Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Location: Torto’s kitchen table
Food: Tostidos and tasty, tomatoey salsa that Mario said he would “put right over spaghetti noodles” (typical, Mario)
Drink: High Life Light in a bottle. 

GAME ONE (Johnny Cueto vs Dustin Mosely)

Pablo Sandolval hit a walk-off single in the bottom of the tenth to help guide the Mets to a game-one win. The bottom of the order was huge for Nick. Ruben Tejada and Ryan Hannigan each had four hits (all singles) in the game. Mario led for the majority of the game before his bullpen failed him. Rickie Weeks went 4x5 with a homer and Ryan Doumit also hit a home run. 

NICK 8, MARIO 7 (in ten innings)
Win - Marco Estrada, Loss – Venters

GAME TWO (Ryan Vogelsong vs Vance Worley)

Nyjer Morgan, in his first game back after missing the majority of the season with an injury, collected four hits and scored two runs in a game-two, Mets win. New York scored four runs in the fourth on six consecutive singles and another two runs in the sixth on a Todd Helton base-clearing double. Carlos Lee went 3x5 and hit a homer and Doumit added another three hits for Mario’s team. 

Win – C. Martinez, Save – Putz, Loss – Vogelsong

GAME THREE (Jeff Karstens vs Mat Latos)

Mat Latos has to be one of the best PTP pitchers of all time, right? The fiery youngster tossed a brilliant seven innings, yielding just one run and five hits, while striking out eight would-be batters. The possible league MVP, Matt Holliday, hit two homers for the Mets, securing a three-game sweep. The Mets have now won five of their last six, and have just six games remaining, before what looks to be a deep playoff run. Alfonso Soriano went 2x3 and drove in the lone run for Mario’s struggling squad.

Win – Latos, SV – Putz, Loss - Karstens 

Time on the injured reserve has allowed the once tightly-wound, Nyjer Morgan (below), to become shockingly calm and much more in touch with his inner-self. This maturation has carried over to the diamond, as well, as Morgan has collected five hits in his first two games back. "Tony Plush" is dead, Morgan joked, as he soflty kicked his feet up, sipped some green tea and grabbed his copy of William Faulkner's Light in August.   



  1. Solid update Nick, and the bold blue bars are a nice touch. Looks like 1st place is likely yours, barring a 2-4 finish by you and a 3-0 sweep of Spencer by me.

    Not sure how Mario got Carlos Lee to go 3 x 5, as his card is in MY deck, but it wouldn't be the first time Mar used one of my cards inadvertently (i.e. Frank Francisco in AL 2010 season).

  2. oops....just said "Lee" in the boxscore. Might be Derek Lee? Good find...

  3. Oh yeah, I remember Mar batting D-Lee vs. me now. That must be who it was.

    Too bad, I was hoping that Mario somehow pulled El Caballo out of my deck for a game, unbeknowst to me.

  4. I like the update, good find of the Nyjer Morgan photo. I'm picturing him in Key West, where the cats out number the people 3 to 1

  5. I like the update, good find of the Nyjer Morgan photo. I'm picturing him in Key West, where the cats out number the people 3 to 1


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