Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wow - the Lind/pooper incident is tough to top. Given we may be looking at some PTP this weekend, however, I thought I should post the results of a now weeks-old Keith vs. Torto series. Here we go...

Game 1: Halladay v. Gaudin

This one was as lopsided as the pitching matchup might lead you to believe. Gaudin actually pitched OK, giving up 3-runs over 7 innings - highlighted by a Ryan Rayburn 2-run HR in the 6th - but Halladay was immaculate, pitching a complete-game shutout. Torto got RBI's from Morneau and Cano to compliment the Rayburn homerun en route to a 4-0 no-doubter.

Win - Halladay

Loss - Gaudin

Game 2: Verlander v. Lacky

Pretty good pitching matchup here, right? Wrong. Verlander gave up 5 runs over 2 innings and Lackey 5 runs after 3, and both pitchers were chased early. The bullpens settled things down (a bit), and Keith came out of this shootout with a 8-6 victory. Torto got 4 RBI's from Morneau and 2 from Maggs, while Keith benefitted from a balanced offensive performance spoiled only be Youkilis taking a liner off the mush in the top of the 2nd inning, costing him 5 games.

Win - Masterson

Loss - Verlander

Save - Rivera

Game 3: Snell v. Beckett

Another tight game saw a balanced offense from Keith overcome a 4 RBI day (including a 3-run homerun) by Jason Bartlett. Key consecutive errors by Cano and Lowell in the 4th may have been the difference in the game. Halladay is probably our Cy Young winner this AL season but, I'm telling ya, Beckett's been a stud.

Win - Beckett

Loss - Snell

Save - Rivera

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  1. Ugh - your squad has my number this year, lost the season set 5 games to 1. Yikes. Only Halladay seems to be worth a damn pitching against you. Everybody else gets lit up (especially Verlander). Hats off to your team.

    I wouldn't count Beckett out on that AL Cy Young yet - he's been awesome, and Halladay still has at least 4-5 starts to go. Lots could happen.


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