Monday, December 13, 2010

Looking like a winner.

Eat your fucking heart out Tom Selleck.
Had to share this classic pic of one of the many seasons of 'Torto Facial Hair', since it was 'Moustache Friday' at my office 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, only about 5 of my co-workers (in an office of 200) had the balls to celebrate with a real soup-strainer of their own (aside from the dudes who already boldly rock moustaches on a daily basis). 

Is this what winning looks like?  Not my place to say, but I am the reigning NL champ, and currently sitting on a 6-game AL winning streak...


  1. Great stache! Very "magnum." I want to be bold enough to try that sometime...

  2. Actually, the moustache is really quite striking. And the grin is just smug enough to pull it off.

    If you need to switch things up in 10-years midlife crisis-stylee, keep this option in your back pocket - I think its got legs.

  3. Back pocket? I think not - this one might get worked into my usual rotation, as the 4th starter.

    Goatee - Horseshoe - Muttonchops - Moustache - Clean Shaven


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