Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hi, all. Above is the team owner, Nick, with mangled cards and pouting dog. The second photo shows the remains of the usable Shin Soo Chew card and the now-lost Adam Lind.


  1. Great pics - love the dog all curled up and nonchalant in the background.

    Hey, Lind could probably still play versus lefties, eh?

  2. Almost...nearly all the numbers are there vs LH except for the ending numbers in that single zone. I did bench him vs lefties as he was more of a RH killer.

  3. Spencer said he's still gonna get back to me on whether or not Lind was found "on the other end"....you know...in a snow bank somewhere...he's watching extra close.

    Since being half-eaten, Shoo is batting .300 with three rbis and a game-tying HR, so I would imagine that Lind is going to be "steaming" hot if recovered...

  4. Oh, this is outstanding stuff - and exactly what the blog is for. Puns and memories like these forever preserved in the digital ether.

    Looks like Lind couldn't hold up against the rigors of 'the dog days of summer'

    Will there be a minor league call up forthcoming?

  5. I hate to say it Nick, but Adam Lind is done dundy and gone ghandi. I did follow Maddy around waiting for the next BM, but all that came out was Michael Hershey Squirts Wuertz.


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